7 Design Tips for Small Apartments

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Many people, especially those living alone, are currently living in a small apartment. And for those people, moving to a bigger home is probably the goal. We just can’t wait to be able to afford to get the home of our dreams. But living in a small apartment doesn’t mean we can’t make it look homey and appealing. Here are some design tips to help you revamp your apartment.

Adhere to a neutral theme

You may think that popping bright colors in your apartment will make it look more appealing than it is. Sure, but it also has the effect of shrinking the room. For small spaces, neutral themes and colors work wonders. They fool the eyes into thinking that the space is bigger than it actually is. But while adhering to a single theme, add different textures and use contemporary wallpaper so that the room doesn’t look flat and dull.

Shrink your dining table

In a small apartment, you don’t really need a giant rectangular dining table. Especially if there are only one or two people in the household, a small and round breakfast table will do. Plus, it will add sophistication and style to your apartment too.

Be smart about storage

Storage is the key to fit all your things in a tiny apartment. We don’t mean buying several cabinets and drawers. Instead, think of more fun and creative ways to create more room for your things. You can install shelves or hanging closets to utilize spaces in high areas. Or get some organizers and use the room under the bed or couch for your extra storage needs.

Divide your rooms

In studio apartments, every area of the home is in one space. Entering the front door and immediately seeing your bed can really stress how small your living space is. But you can come up with ways to divide these different rooms and add zones in your apartment. You can simply put up a curtain to make a bedroom or invest in sliding doors. /

Get rid of clutter

storage closet

There’s nothing that makes a room look smaller than clutter. Sure, it’s admittedly hard to fit all your things in a small space. But it might be high time to get rid of things you don’t need — or store them in hidden places to prevent them from piling up in your living room. As much as possible, keep only the necessities displayed. Instead of decorating your room with tons of household items, use paintings, plants, and other decorative furnishings for a neater and homier feel.

Use fold-up seats

Something you might be considering when decorating your apartment is seating. You’re looking ahead and buying more furniture to accommodate your guests. But it’s not really ideal to have a gigantic couch for that purpose. Instead, be smart about seating and use fold-up chairs. That way, you can easily store it and keep it out of the way when you don’t have any guests over.

Make use of surface space

A common pain experienced by dwellers in a small apartment is wanting to decorate but not having space to do so. But if you look a little closer and change your perspective, you’ll realize there are a lot of under-utilized surface spaces. Windowsills, for example, can hold frames, plants, and other decorative pieces.

Making a small apartment look homier and bigger is not impossible. Take these tips and create your dream home.

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