Accent Walls: 6 Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh Look

accent wall

A home is a safe place for our family to live in, especially now in this pandemic that we are confined inside our houses to prevent the spread of the virus. We then spent a lot of time inside working or studying, just sitting and staring at our computer screens and mobile devices. After being inside for too long, it can feel dull and even suffocating to constantly stay in the same room every passing day.

But staying inside to keep safe doesn’t have to feel sad and boring. Simple renovations to make our home look better can give us the boost that we need to excel in our tasks. One of the best ways to revamp a room is to create an accent wall. Most of the time, the four walls of the room are all identical for the sake of aesthetic unity. But make one of them different from the others can give a whole new feel for the room, helping you to get more inspiration as you fulfill your daily responsibilities.


Repainting a wall a different call is the simplest way to make an accent wall in a room. The color can be a darker shade of your existing walls for a slight but noticeable variation. It can also be a bold choice that gives a pop of color in the room, like a pastel, metallic, or even a neon color. But repainting can go to the more creative path of drawing patterns and other designs that can make it unique and personal. Geometric designs, floral prints, and abstract forms can all be used to evoke different ambiance depending on what feel you are looking for.

Vertical Garden

A garden wall can be a unique choice for those that want to meld greenery and architecture together. There are different vertical garden variations like hanging potted plants near a wall or placing plants on shelves on the wall. But the genuinely extraordinary sight of plants embedded on the wall itself can really turn heads. It can be just a small part of your wall, enough to cover an area of a picture frame or an entire wall that brings nature into your own home. A faux vertical garden wall with fake plants and mosses can be a good alternative for living, breathing wall plants.

Shelf Wall

shelf wall

A wall can be made into a shelf for books, plants, and other decorative pieces. This illusion can be achieved by either making a built-in recessed shelf system where the storage spaces appear to be carved into the actual wall or turning your selected wall into a large shelf that spans the entire area of a side of your room. Whatever style you prefer, it will make the wall unique from all others in your home while holding the stuff you put on it.

Faux Brick Wall

If you are more into the classic look of a brick wall but don’t have the budget to rebuild an entire wall, you can opt for brick veneers that can be placed directly on your existing wall. A faux brick wall can easily add texture and roughness while giving a warm character to any room in your home.

Wall Trimming Designs

Many contemporary wall designs add a lot of texture and movement to a room using wood, bamboo, and other trimmings. Some make use of straight, clean lines of embossed wood trimmings to add a sort of unfinished but raw and beautiful design to a wall. Others place trimmings tightly beside each other, making something like a woven wooden raft that can give an organic feel to a room.

Custom Statement Wall

Compared to the ones mentioned before, a more customized accent wall makes a room more personalized and can dictate a single aesthetic. Nowadays, many modern homes have a wall in their room that bears inspirational quotes to get them motivated for their life goals. Others that like the vintage feel have a portrait of a giant world map on their walls. Younger people who follow modern trends even incorporated their fondness for space things like galaxies, stars, and nebulae onto their bedroom walls.

An accent wall really upgrades a room without having to change a lot of the furnishings. It can be as simple as repainting and changing the wallpaper or as grand as installing artworks and embedded plants. Building one yourself can also be a fun activity that gives you a sense of achievement after creating exactly what you had in mind. Just be mindful that your accent wall still ties into the feel of the room somehow. You can be as creative as you can, but it is also easy to go overboard.

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