Aging in Style: How to Flaunt Your Gray Hair with Confidence

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We are familiar with the so-called quarter-life crisis, and millennials are taking the brunt of this period of uncertainty. But there is one problem that some millennials are going through.

Believe it or not, there is a thing called “gray hair crisis.” It refers to the premature graying of hair that mostly affects women as young as 30 years old. It is similar to body image issues that continue to cause low self-esteem.

Perhaps, it has been ingrained in women that their hair is their crowning glory and that it should look a certain way. Thus, they should keep it healthy and voluminous with a hint of sheen. However, graying is inevitable, and we should accept that it is part of aging.

Are you one of the millennials brooding over this sudden change in appearance? Well, you are not alone on this one. You can do something about those self-deprecating thoughts. Here are some pieces of advice from those who overcame the problem.

Learn to Care for Your Hair

Gray hair grows from your follicles when a certain protein deactivates melanin production. Because of melanin deficiency, your hair becomes more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. In addition, your hair becomes coarser, and each strand becomes more tapered in the ends. Therefore, your hair tends to look limp and lifeless.

Do not let this discourage you, though. Instead, know about the products that you can use to restore damaged hair. You can use shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for gray hair. Also, you can apply scalp sunscreen to your locks just before you head outdoors.

Don’t Mind What Others Think

It may not be easy for everyone, but try to be less self-conscious and stop minding what others think about your new look. You can apply this mindset to other self-esteem issues, too. You try hard to conceal something that you are very insecure about, but it turns out that people around you do not even notice it at all. As the saying goes, “It is all in your head.”

Acceptance does not come overnight. On some days, you feel confident with your gray hair, but on other days, you feel insecure about it. If you want to regain your confidence, feel free to dye it back to a darker color or wear a wig that looks natural on you. The best thing is that there are wigs that you try with different styles. Wigs can also protect your natural hair from harsh weather that makes the strands brittle. By wearing a wig, you can keep your hair healthy and trendy.

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Learn to Embrace Your Gray Hair

Finding your first strand of gray hair can be a shock. It takes courage to eventually accept this as a part of your body. But when you do, you will realize that it is not that big of a deal. In fact, it will make you feel liberated that you will no longer feel the need to dye your hair.

Style It

Nothing feels more empowering than deciding how your next hairstyle will look like. Go to the hairdresser and have it either trimmed or styled. You will be surprised how many compliments it will earn. Do not hesitate to add volume, which in turn will add character to your look.

Confide in Your Friends

Your friends may share the same sentiments as you. You will realize in your discussion that at your age, more things in life deserve your attention and energy, and it’s definitely not your hair. Reassure each other that your hair does not define who you are.

If you are still self-conscious about your gray hair, you should join an online community wherein members talk about their gray hair stories. There, you will find people of different ages and races who overcome their insecurities and started to live their lives fully instead. From these online forums, you can grow a sense of pride having reached this stage in your life. Not to mention, you can treat your gray hair as your badge of honor for weathering through life’s ups and downs. But you have it in you to find the courage and accept this change.

Seeing signs of graying in the mirror may catch you by surprise. After all, nobody is ever prepared for the end of their so-called glory days. However, know that you have it in you to find the courage to accept this change and regain your confidence that is based on your character and energy that go beyond your appearance.

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