Minimalist Decor on a Budget for Newlyweds

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Getting a thin wallet after the wedding is something many can relate to. It’s a special and important day of any person’s life, and it deserves the attention and resources possible to make it that. But after that, reality hits you. It’s just the start of more financial responsibilities for both you and your partner.

Now that you’re in this chapter of your life, you’re faced with other things that still involve money. One of which is settling into your home together, while making it as cozy and aesthetically pleasing as it can be.

Maybe you’re not the type to spend big on decor because of changing trends or maybe you’re into getting good deals for decor without having to sacrifice form and function. Wherever you find yourself in this spectrum, there’s always a way to go about decorating your home without hurting the wallet.

Here are some budget-friendly ways to beautify your home in this new chapter of your life:

Indoor Plants

Having indoor plants will always be a fail-proof when it comes to decorating your home. It’s a great pop of green that compliments any space, no matter what the theme or style. No wonder indoor plants are many people’s go-to. They’re versatile, inviting, and relaxing to have around. Indoor plants were actually found to alleviate physical and mental stress and even help increase productivity in a workplace.

That said, consider having one or two in the home office space too. Don’t forget that they need some tender loving and care too! They need some watering and maintenance of course if you want them to stay alive and healthy. Depending on the kind of plat, they might even need some time under the sun.

Sockets and Switches

Plastics used for electrical use like those of power sockets and light switches tend to yellow over time. The good news is that replacing them isn’t costly, and these pieces come in multiple designs. They’re good for form and function too as old sockets tend to become a fire hazard when not replaced, especially when there are cracks on the exterior.

For a more updated and modern look, go for a sleek black light switch. But if you want something a little simpler yet modern, go for a classic clean white. Power sockets and light switches may be just details, but they are the little details that help elevate a room.

Door and Cabinet Hardware

Just like old power sockets and light switches, these hardware pieces elevate a room too. Switching dull doorknobs and cabinet handles with something with a little more oomph is a subtle way of adding fun and personality to a clean, plain kitchen or a white-painted living room. Look at them as accessories that will upgrade any space with them around. After all, it’s the details that have the most impact.

Accent Wall

To add dimension and texture to a room, consider installing accent faux wall panels. There are so many to choose from, from country-inspired wooden panels to industrial faux bricks. An accent wall is a deliberate and straightforward bit in a room that should complement the color scheme and really relays the style you’re going for. It adds variety while drawing the eyes’ attention to the focus of a room. Meanwhile, others like to stick to paint for their accent wall. The same principle and goal apply for painting a wall a bold or neutral color, just minus the texture.

Get Chic With Storage 

Nobody can deny the aesthetic appeal of rattan storage bins and baskets which makes them all the more attractive to use for organizing (or hiding clutter). You can place these on open shelves, cabinets, and the like. But it’s best to keep them out in the open because their material is too beautiful to hide in the closet.

Big Wooden Frames 

There’s something about a plain white wall with big wooden frames on it. It’s clean, minimalist, and a stylish way to put up your wedding photos. This sort of backdrop really does make the picture pop out. The wooden accents on the white painted wall are chic and the in look too.

Hang Artwork, Too

Other than hanging up photos on the wall, consider some art too. These don’t have to be traditional artworks, go for whatever floats your boat and that compliments the interior. There are many independent artists online with a diverse range of styles. There’s a lot to choose from! Your home isn’t just beautified, you’re supporting an artist too.

Every home deserves to be beautiful, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of a financial burden. That’s a common misconception many people have. All it takes is some brainstorming, creativity, and some Pinterest inspiration and you’re good to go.

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