Choosing the Venue: Where Should You Hold Your Big Day?


The perfect wedding destination is one of a blushing bride-to-be’s goals. It can be at a grand hall at a luxury hotel in the heart of the city or hillside by a coast with the perfect sunset and oceanview. Pinning down the perfect location for the big day can affect many other things.

A location can make or break a wedding, and with so many things to consider, it can be easy to get swept up in it all. Here are the major aspects to consider before deciding on your wedding location.

1. Your budget

Reservations cost money, and booking a large area for an event like a wedding can cost a considerable amount. A major question to ask yourself is: “Can I afford this?” and not “How much am I willing to spend for this?” Being realistic about your budget and its limits can help you put things into perspective better. Sure, a garden wedding at a plaza with that gorgeous fountain would look nice in photos, but keep in mind that the location is only one piece in your big wedding puzzle.

Come up with a clear plan regarding the wedding budget, and always look at other options. Your location deserves a portion of the expense, but it shouldn’t be the star of your entire budget plan. Ask about your partner’s opinions on a location you both like, and scout for options. There are loads of them out there that won’t break the bank.

2. The wedding guests


Your chosen location will also have a hand in determining how many guests you can invite. Destination weddings held on a beach or in a lush garden accommodate way less than one held at a spacious plaza, so think twice before booking your spot if you’re looking to invite hundreds of guests. If you’re considering a more intimate setting, whittle down the guest list to a number that the location can allow. On the other hand, if a big white wedding is your goal, opt for a place that allows for a crowd.

Another thing to consider is how accessible your location is for your intended guests. In Greece, a hillside wedding sounds idyllic, but having Granny walk up so many stone steps doesn’t sound as good. Things like the seating capacity, walkways, and even bathroom accessibility have to be kept in mind to keep wedding day emergencies away. It’s still your day, but your guests are excited to share in it, too.

3. You and your entourage’s wardrobe

A good portion of the budget will also go to the wedding wardrobe, so your location has to offer you ease in this department. Will there be a place to safely keep you and the bridal party’s dresses while prep is ongoing? Is it safe to walk around the area with heels on and possibly a train in hand? Your location should be as bride-friendly and gown-friendly as possible.

The weather conditions will also come into play in this part. Your guests will be coming out dressed to the nines because weddings are the perfect excuse to get all gussied up. Will the location offer shelter in case it rains or gets too hot? Do some prior research because it’s not every day that people get to go to a wedding, so it’s best to put comfort first.

4. Your guests’ safety

While most places are pretty safe to hold a wedding, sometimes it’s best to think ahead and plan for unexpected things. Accidents are outside your control, and things like faulty infrastructures, unstable walkways, and a less-than-trustworthy electrical system can contribute to the risk. Make sure to inquire about the location’s safety protocols and documents that authorities have approved for the place to be declared safe. There will be lots of people present, so safety should come first.

The surrounding area should also be thought about. Places that experience natural disasters more than others because of surrounding mountain ranges and forests are supposed to build things that can withstand more, so do some research about this as well. For example, a structure in a certain area will have a better foundation constructed due to particular factors like higher seismic activity, so a garden or plaza wedding there might be better.

The location a wedding is held at will be remembered forever. Once the actual ceremony is over, the place stops being a place for you, your spouse, and your dearly beloved; it becomes the backdrop of some wonderful memories. Choosing the perfect one for your big day is absolutely doable and will greatly help streamline preparation. A gorgeous bride deserves a place that’s just as lovely.

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