Cool, Fun Things Kids Can Do at Changi Airport


There is nothing worse than getting stuck in an airport with kids. You have to entertain them to no end, or else you would wish they would just go to sleep for the rest of the layover. But if you are going to get stuck, you’d better get stuck in Singapore’s Changi Airport. Not only is it the only airport in the world that looks like a tourist destination itself, but it also caters to kids and kids at heart. So, choose where to get stuck for a layover or stopover. The power is still in your hands. Choose the Changi Airport if you have to transfer planes to get to your destination.

Changi Festive Village

It is not only in Terminal 3 where you can find great activities to do with your family. Changi’s Terminal 4 has a slew of events and activities for tourists and residents. Last holiday season, they turned it into a fun dinosaur adventure land where kids can walk alongside dinosaurs and take photos with them. There was also a large bounce playground shaped as dinosaurs—Brontosaurus, T-Rex, and Stegosaurus. Kids should dress comfortably if they’re to do any of these activities.

The “village” is bound to change depending on what festivity Singapore is celebrating. Last holiday season was complete with a winter wonderland where you can slide in real snow. It will feel like you’re transported to a country with sub-zero temperatures since Singapore is known for its humidity.


Thanks to cinemas in Terminal 2 and 3, kids can enjoy their favorite movies. Some days, the cinema is airing new blockbusters. Other days, it’s the usual family-friendly flicks. No matter what movie is currently being played, the whole family will enjoy this 24-hour cinema. For many, it’s the main attraction of what to do at Changi Airport. Imagine having at least two hours of silence from your kids. That’ll give you enough time to relax, too, as you enjoy the movie and some snacks.



But if you need your kids to spend their energy, you have to try out the giant slide in the airport. You get a free ticket to the slide once you spend enough in the stores. Just show your receipt, and the staff will give you that free activity down a 12-meter-high indoor slide. The slide is four-storey high, making it the tallest indoor slide in the world. The age restriction for the slide is seven and up, so kids younger will use the smaller slide instead. If you shopped enough from the stores, you could repeat the slide until the kids are all exhausted. Of course, that also means going back four storeys up.


If your kids love video games, then they are in for a treat. The Entertainment Deck in Terminal 2 has an Xbox and PlayStation. There’s even an Xbox Kinect room, as well as an MTV booth. Your kids will surely have the time of their lives in this deck. As for the parents, you can enjoy your time watching them, or maybe one of you would want to roam around the airport and look for more adult things to do such as shopping. The use of the gaming consoles at the Entertainment Deck is completely free, so you have nothing to worry about.

Of course, remind your kids to give way to others. If others are lining up to play the games, tell your kids to finish a game or two and let other people use the deck. You can find other activities to do in the airport or return later on to give the games another try.

Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted Garden in Terminal 2 will amaze younger kids. Thanks to fiber optics and LED lighting effects, the garden comes to life with amazing visuals and even sounds. There are motion sensors everywhere, so your kids will feel like their movements are causing such lights to appear. This is a great spot to take those selfies and family photos. The fact that it’s free to access means there are many people here, but you will still enjoy the sights.

The Changi Airport is the most family-friendly airport in the world. There’s nothing quite like it in terms of amenities, activities to do, restaurants, and shops. You will always find something that the whole family will enjoy. Yes, even the kids. So if you really need to have a layover or a stopover, choose Changi as your stop. You’ll never worry about keeping your kids entertained.

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