Delicious 2024 Wedding Catering Trends

There are no rules when it comes to wedding catering — after all, it’s the happy couple’s special day so they should get to choose whatever they enjoy most. This video highlights how more and more wedding planners and couples are looking outside the box. Ideas can range from sushi buffets to hiring BBQ catering services. Here are some of the top wedding catering trends for 2024.

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Cocktail receptions are on the rise. Rather than sitting straight down for a plated dinner, guests can mingle with more people than just a few seated at their table. It’s a fun and lively way to ensure attendees are relaxed and getting to know each other.

Another option is the tapas-style dinner. Tapas is small plates of different dishes, allowing guests to experience many different flavors and pass plates among themselves. Sharing food int his way creates a sense of community and family.

Interactive food stations are sure to be a top trend in 2024’s wedding catering scene. Hire chefs who can showcase flambe, fresh pasta, or make sushi from scratch. Guests can learn a little while getting some in-dinner entertainment.

Finally, consider wedding feasts or snacks that celebrate the comfort food that the married couple loves. Mini-burgers, ribs, or slow-roasted brisket sandwiches could all be provided by the right BBQ catering services. Remember, these trends are just for ideas and couples should always let their taste buds and guest list guide them.

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