Eco-Friendly Business: Building a Sustainable Commercial Building

eco-friendly business

As environmental issues become more prevalent, corporations are urged to find ways to reduce their carbon footprints. After all, manufacturing tends to emit greenhouse gases that pollute the air, depleting the ozone layer as a result. Thankfully, many businesses have done their part to save the environment, from replacing plastic with recyclable materials to eliminating packaging and adopting more sustainable practices.

But you can make a more significant change if you deal in the real estate field, particularly in the commercial property sector. Sustainable buildings are gaining popularity, so if you’ve been planning on your next commercial establishment project, you should consider integrating eco-friendly innovations into your new building. Together with a reputable commercial construction company in Utah or any other state, you can realize your vision of a sustainable building.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Building Materials

A sustainable building project begins with a plan, including the selection of eco-friendly materials. Consider using a plant-based polyutherane rigid foam or lightweight bricks for the insulators. For the beams, opt for recycled steel instead of wood. Concrete has eco-friendly varieties, as well, specifically those that do not contain CO2. Using sustainable materials reduces the environmental impact of a construction project and is more cost-efficient, too.

Adopting Modular Construction

Traditional on-site construction generates a lot of waste, not to mention causes a disturbance and potential hazards around the area. For this reason, it’s best to choose modular construction, wherein the structural components of the building will be fabricated in a factory rather than on-site. This allows your builders to have more control over the construction without generating excessive waste and degrading air quality.

Switching to a Clean Energy Source

solar power on roof

Instead of relying on traditional fossil fuels for electricity, switch to a renewable and cleaner source, such as solar. The initial investment will be hefty, but you can earn a profit from it because you can sell solar electricity to a utility company if the panels collect enough excess energy. What’s more, your tenants will reap the benefit of cheaper utility bills.

Integrating Green Building Features

A sustainable building boasts of state-of-the-art green features that set them apart from typical commercial buildings. Here are the advances of a sustainable building that you should integrate into yours:

  1. Green Roofs and Living Walls – A green roof is a landscaped garden situated on the entire rooftop of a building. It acts as a natural insulator that will help reduce heating and cooling costs. A living wall or bio wall is also a garden but incorporated into the walls. It reflects solar radiation and purifies the air.
  2. Dual Plumbing System – The dual plumbing system separates water into two types: potable, which is for drinking, and reclaimed, which is for landscape irrigation and toilets. The reclaimed water is from the sewage but filtered to be free of bacteria; still, it’s unsafe for drinking.
  3. Chiller Boiler System – This is a hydronic boiler system, which uses water to regulate temperatures. This is particularly cost-efficient for smaller commercial buildings.
  4. Smart Glass- Using smart glasses rather than window films reduces energy costs, since you have the option to turn the glasses opaque, thereby further minimizing your need for cooling.

Swapping traditional methods for green alternatives helps the eco-friendly industries thrive, encouraging more corporations to adopt sustainable innovations. And since your tenants will also benefit from your green practices, they can influence their customers and fellow business owners to consider an eco-friendly lifestyle and business practices. With more people working together to save the environment, the future will see a healthier, flourishing planet with more responsible inhabitants.

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