Keeping the Team Going: Ways to Enhance Employee Performance

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Any manager or business owner would love to keep their associates engaged and motivated every day. However, it’s humanly impossible to keep their head held high constantly. People get tired and need a little break now and then.

If you can’t keep them active all the time, the least you can do is make them want to improve their engagement in their work. You hired them after all, and it is your responsibility to keep them satisfied and motivated. If your team isn’t happy working on their roles, it is definitely going to reflect on their performance because they lack motivation. With this, productivity will also decrease.

Get to know them personally.

Learning about their families, hobbies, and personal ambitions and achievements makes you establish a stronger relationship with your team.

Professional development is nothing without personal development. This is why it is important to appreciate personality diversity. This way, you will make them feel valued; thus, they will more likely be inspired to work with you.

Also, doing this can help you figure out what kinds of training or team-building programs will be most beneficial to them. You will then help them gain a stronger relationship with one another and develop their individual skills.

This benefits both parties; your team will gain new knowledge, which allows you to obtain competency and performance from them. Therefore, it advances the entirety of the company.

Spread a positive mindset.

While you need to do tasks or projects that you don’t love, the best strategy is to have a neutral perspective. Negative thoughts hinder excellent outcomes. Let’s face it; sometimes, positive thoughts do not help, either. Being too positive is not realistic anymore, which makes it negative as well.

Instead of dwelling on the negative, focus on the thought that you will accomplish the tasks. Motivate your team and tell them that even if the project you’re working on is tedious or dreadful, for instance, you can still create a beneficial result for the company and perhaps enjoy specific aspects of it, like working together as a team.

The tasks can be tiresome, but at least your co-workers are driving one another and working efficiently together.

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Recognize your team’s efforts.

Being recognized or rewarded for your hard work gives you more motivation and willingness to exert more effort for the team and the company.

If your team doesn’t feel like they’re being heard and recognized, it is very likely that they will be demotivated and less productive because they don’t feel important and respected regardless of how much they contribute to the company.

When working on a project, you’re often fixated on the big picture, so you get to miss small accomplishments. Therefore, it is also important to acknowledge the little progress the team has made to keep them dedicated.

Ensure psychological security.

Creating a positive environment in the workplace includes promoting a positive psychological atmosphere for the team. If the members feel like they have to walk on eggshells, scared that people will belittle and judge them for their mistakes, then isn’t that a negative environment in the workplace? It will surely emerge with disengagement and poor results.

Having a positive and kind approach to handling your team members’ mistakes will make them more committed and productive. Give them constructive and insightful comments about their performance that will help them rise without attacking their insecurities.

Hence, to ensure positive psychological safety, let them share their ideas, questions, and concerns. Encourage them to have an open mind and, together, you can create a safe environment for one another: no judgments, no threats.

Maintain the office.

There are several significant reasons you should maintain cleanliness in the workplace. Many people claim that disorganization has a negative effect on their productivity and motivation. That’s why it is very important to keep the office clean and organized.

Sometimes, the employees are too much in the zone for weeks that they forget to tidy their workstations. Encourage them to maintain cleanliness in the workplace, not only for their sake but also for yours.

Make sure to book an office cleaning appointment regularly. This way, you won’t have to spend so much money getting it thoroughly cleaned.

Once your employees are engaged, your company is going to have a positive environment. Each member will be happy to be working for you every day and be a part of your team. With a positive environment, people will work harder and smarter; thus, their performance will improve and so as their productivity.

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