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When you are marketing, it is important to hammer out what makes your dental team different from others, what your staff and surgery’s weaknesses are and of course, what the potential threats are to your business. And, of course, you will need a targeted strategy to not only attract patients to your surgery, but to keep them.

So, what is a time tested patient attraction system that works in dental marketing?

Referral bonus

Who doesn’t like bonuses?

One way to attract new patients is to offer existing patients bonuses if they make a referral to your surgery. And why not add more to the deal, by offering a check-up for half price for instance to your new patients?

Identify your audience

Who are the consumers that you want to attract to your surgery?

Statistics indicate that almost all decisions in relation to care and finances in the household are made by women. And women typically are after a service that will yield good results for them and their family’s at a price that is affordable. Remember, they are the ones scoping the reviews and surrounding dental surgery for deals. So, it is important when you are marketing to choose a team that knows how to alter your SEO and other areas for a female audience.

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Advertise offers

Strategic marketing is important and while you will need to keep an eye on your patients and what they are after from a dental surgery, you will also need to keep an eye on the competition to attract new patients. Remember, that like most things in life, patients are looking for a good deal, so it is worthless advertising a whitening package for £100 if the surgery next door is offering the same deal for £50. And of course, when you scoped out your competitors’ offers, be sure to advertise them clearly on your dental website and your social media pages.

Patient reviews

If you were looking for a restaurant online, or another online service, how would you know which one to go for? You would look at reviews, of course!

And this is no different for dental surgery’s; why not place your previous patients’ reviews on your webpage alongside before and after photos? That way, potential patients will be able to see the work that your team has performed and will be able to see how your team has treated patients in the past with your reviews.

Friendly image

The days of dental clinics being places where people go for check-ups is long gone.

While dental hygiene and maintenance is still important, more people are approaching dental surgeries to have cosmetic changes made to their teeth, or even to their faces with the use of non-surgical facial aesthetics.

And so, one way you can attract more people to your surgery is to make your staff and your webpage to seemas friendly as possible; this is easily done by including staff bios, staff photos and even vlogs that have our staff in them.

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