How Does Drinking Affect a Marriage?

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Alcohol is a very common beverage in the country, people often drink it when they want to have fun, or even when they are sad. This beverage is consumed by individuals and couples alike, even though it is less so for couples and the impacts are different, it has a more intense effect in more intense relationships and marriage.

While too much alcoholic intake is mainly a man problem, it also involves women as well. Nevertheless, it is still a problem that has ways of affecting the integrity of a marriage.

Here are some ways drinking alcohol can affect a marriage:

Poor Marriage Satisfaction

There is a low rate of happiness in marriages in which the husband or wife is a lover of the beverage. This is due to a whole number of reasons from arriving home late, being unconscious of words and actions, etc.

In fact, according to UB Research Institute on Addictions verbal abuse is up to two times more likely to occur if alcohol has been consumed in the preceding four hours by either the victim or the offender. And physical abuse is three to four times more probable if alcohol has been consumed by the offender and twice as likely if the victim has consumed alcohol.

This would lead to frequent fights and arguments which quite frankly, could end up in a divorce. Once the alcohol problem starts, a good option would be to visit a good alcohol rehabilitation center.

Irresponsibility and Emotional Unavailability

While alcohol is often considered a social lubricant, however, heavy drinking can actually harm your personal relationships. People with drinking problems might get detached and exhibited a lower capacity for empathy.

Moreover, with more dependency on alcohol, a person becomes more reckless and untrustworthy. They may neglect to fulfill family duties or perform tasks on a regular basis. A long-term relationship requires the feeling that you can rely on your spouse. If it deteriorates, it may affect your connection.

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Harmful Effect on the Kids

No child could have a proper childhood when one or both of the parents are great alcohol consumers. The dangers of this are quite high, for one, if a child is exposed to a drinking parent, he/she may be inclined to try out this drink. The chances of this happening are much higher when the parent is drunk as the parent may just carelessly leave the drink lying around.

If parents do not seek assistance for their alcoholism, it may lead to divorce or separation. And we are well aware of the negative effects of divorce on children. This may also have an influence on their mental health leading them towards alcoholism in the future.

The child could also face the trauma of watching physical abuse taking place due to one of the parents being under the influence of alcohol. Finally, a parent that’s drunk most of the time is in no way capable of taking care of a child’s needs.

Causes Poor Judgement

Probably the most reason why people make the worst decisions, alcohol has allowed people to lose their sense of decency more often than not.

A married individual should not be under the influence for so long and in an unhealthy environment at that. It might prompt an individual to commit adultery, and we all know how that could go for a marriage.

Shortens life

Nobody wants their significant other to die a miserable death, but with alcohol, in their midst, this is very possible. The beverage comprises so many harmful ingredients which have made some doctors describe it as literal poison.

The drink takes a toll on what would have been a long life span, so if you care about the time you spend with your partner, you any want to spend less time with this drink.

On a final note, alcohol is loved for a lot of reasons, from being called an anti-depressant to an erotic beverage, this drink happens to have its deep lows after all the highs. These lows happen to be much lower in situations where one or both of the drinkers is in a married relationship.

So, if you think you or your partner have a drinking problem then it is better you seek medical advice and visit an alcohol rehabilitation center to get rid of this life-threatening addiction.

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