How Your Personal Environment Affects Your Lifestyle

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Our personal environment affects our emotions which then affect our lifestyle. If our environment is messy, then we are more likely to become cluttered as well. We should strive to keep our surroundings clean and presentable so that our actions can mirror them. If you want to change your lifestyle, you should start by decluttering your surroundings. You will see the difference once everything is cleared up.

Furthermore, our personal environment can also influence our mental health. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. This can be difficult if you’re working or studying remotely because you’ll have a hard time focusing on the task at hand. A cluttered space brings about avoidance strategies and coping methods such as snacking, watching the television, and browsing social media.

Unmanaged snacking can cause obesity, which increases your chances of developing diabetes. Diabetes increases your risk of developing colon cancer; you can use a reliable at-home FIT test to detect it.

A messy environment can also cloud your judgment and prompt you to make bad decisions. Moreover, a messy environment does not create a welcoming ambiance. Imagine if heaps of your things such as clothes and books are littered everywhere. Your guests are less likely to chill and stay around. Do the opposite if you want your guests to stay longer.

Here are ways on how to make your space clean, organized, and welcoming :

Clean Your Space

First and foremost, clean your space from unnecessary items and garbage. Allocate an entire day for cleaning so that you can devote your time to cleaning thoroughly. Prepare a garbage bag nearby to easily dispose of the useless items. While you’re at it, wipe surfaces to get rid of dust. Once you have gotten rid of all the clutter, arrange your stuff so that they’re easier to locate when you look for them. Arrange books by height, keep your pens in the pen holder, and so on.

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Bring Flowers and Plants to Your Room

Being around nature can lower your stress levels and improve your mood and memory. But if you can’t be around nature all the time, bring nature to your room. Bring your favorite plants and flowers into your room to provide you with relaxation. Make sure they receive ample sunlight and that you water them so that they won’t die. If you feel like they are not receiving enough sunlight, you can take them out temporarily and bring them back in.

You can buy your favorite flowers and plants from the nearest store. It’s your responsibility to learn their proper care to make sure that they thrive. Succulents are the most common indoor plants.

Increase Natural Light

Sometimes, it’s more relaxing to work in a dark room, but a dark room is conducive to sleep. Instead of working, you’re more likely to sleep because of its relaxing and somber ambiance. Open the blinds or curtains when you start working on letting all the natural light in. If not much natural light comes in, turn on your overhead light or desk light. The light is enough to wake you up and get rid of the morning drowsiness. You can’t focus on the task at hand if all you think about is sleeping.

Consider Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is known to provide healing properties to a person. A particular essential oil brings a different healing property, so choose one that you like. You can buy a diffuser to spread the scent of the essential oil in the room. You only need several drops of the essential oil into the water for the diffuser to work.

Now that you’ve read how our personal environment affects our lifestyle, it’s enough to convince you to start being clean and organized. It’s difficult to practice if you are naturally messy, but you have to start somewhere. It becomes a labyrinth of mental health and physical health issues if you don’t do anything about it. You have to make sure that your environment is conducive to relaxation because no one will do it for you but you alone. You can’t live life to the fullest if your mental and physical health is hampered.

It might help to think that your current situation can be changed by changing your personal environment. The thought is simple yet liberating. The simple act of cleaning can bring several benefits to your life in general. It should be enough to motivate you to turn your life around. If you really can’t do it alone, have your friends encourage you to do so.

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