Keep Calm and Get Married: How to Survive Your Wedding Day If You Have Social Anxiety

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It’s normal for wedding preparations to be full of excitement. But as the big day draws closer, your mind gets filled with a lot of “what ifs.” What if your plans don’t go as they should? What if the photographer doesn’t show up? What if the food isn’t enough for everybody? What if the guests don’t like the wedding souvenir?

Before you know it, you’re on an anxiety roller coaster!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re planning for your wedding. You have to take in all the money talk, family drama, and social pressure even before the wedding day itself. No wonder, weddings are high-stress, emotional events.

If you suffer from social anxiety issues, this can all significantly contribute to how you’re feeling. It could get worse on the big day itself as you’re pressured to walk down the aisle and have all eyes on you. And that’ll extend all throughout the ceremony, reception, and party. It’s easy to get nervous just thinking about it.

But thankfully, there’s a way to manage all of your worries. All you need to do is plan ahead and take measured steps. If you’re prepared enough, you can anticipate any concern and know what to do when they occur. You should be able to enjoy your wedding day, and not just survive it.

Here are three tips to help you keep calm before the wedding and prepare for the big day:

Take a Step Back

Your first goal is to take a step back away from all the planning and preparations. You need a break from it all. Otherwise, you’ll be constantly stressed and anxious until the day itself arrives. Allow your brain to unclog itself of all the worries you have about the wedding, even if it’s just for a day. Sit back, do nothing, relax, and sleep.

To help you relax while you take a break, you can do something you love. If you have a hobby that you had to stop doing because of all the preparations, make up for the lost time.

Meditation also has an impact on your well-being. It can help you relax and focus. It can also decrease insomnia, which is good news for sleep-deprived brides. If you don’t know how to meditate, you can use stress-reducing apps.

Another way to keep your mind at peace is by delegating tasks for the wedding. You’ll have to admit sooner or later that you can’t do and handle everything without anybody’s help, especially your husband-to-be. Weddings are major events. They require the collaboration and support of a group of people. Ask your friends and family to help, and trust them as they do.

Calm Yourself with Stress-Busting Exercises

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When exercise is advised for brides, most people will think it’s all about slimming down for the gown. Well, not really. Not most of the time. Exercise in general can boost anybody’s mental health. It’s what doctors always recommend. So for brides, it can provide the same benefits as well.

Choose exercises that can help calm the nerves. Yoga classes are great for letting go (as you stretch away) of all the worries you may have about the wedding. Taking gentle tai chi martial arts lessons is another way to fight stress. It reduces feelings of anxiety and depression. Swimming is also perfect for clearing your head while you swim in calm waters.

Or, you can go for a jog, take a hike, dance — choose any exercise that you love. Any exercise can help release those endorphins that can uplift you and stabilize stress.

Eat Healthy

Sugar and caffeine can make anxiety worse. Stick to a healthy diet. Proper nutrition will give you the strength you need to manage your emotions and nerves. A proper meal should include lean protein, the right amount of carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Avoid fried, greasy foods and heavy carbohydrates such as pasta and pizza.

It’s also easy for brides to skip meals during the planning phase. Avoid doing this because it will weaken your body. You might not have enough vigor and energy when finally the wedding day comes. And speaking of the wedding day, treat yourself to a healthy, hearty breakfast with tea. This will help calm your nerves.

Make Your Wedding Less Stressful

Today’s pandemic has aggravated the stress caused by the coronavirus. The pandemic is considered a major source of stress for many. You may have been affected, too, and this extends to your wedding prep, adding to your anxiety.

But if you follow these tips, and take care of yourself, you can fight stress and anxiety. You can face the challenges of your wedding day.

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