Level Up Your Outdoors: Building a Multi-Level Patio

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If you think that your patio is dull and uninteresting, it is time to level it up. Upgrades, however, may mean a lot of things. And that will depend on your aesthetic purpose and budget. But if you want to level it up literally, you can go for a multi-level patio design. This easily works for sloping gardens, but it can also be created for homes with flat yards.

A multi-level patio adds depth and dimension to your outdoor space, making it more interesting. It also makes it easy for you to come up with different zones for various outdoor activities. For example, the upper level can be for relaxation, while the lower level can be for barbecue and pool parties. While some homeowners may think that implementing this design plan is too complicated, a comprehensive plan will keep that from happening. Keep the following things in mind when you build your patio.

Decide on the zones

One main purpose of having a multi-level patio is to segregate the spaces depending on the purpose. So, before you start altering the landscape and digging the soil, you should decide first on the zones. The upper section can be dedicated to seating. This is where you can put the lounge chairs and long tables designed for al fresco dining.

The lower level, on the other hand, can be an activity area. This is where you might want to build a swimming pool or a mini-golf area. Or, if you love stargazing and staying outdoors during cool days, the lower level can have a fire pit. This is where you and your family and friends can gather around for a nightcap and exchanges of stories.

Create a nook or a secret spot

When you have a multi-level patio, you basically have additional spots and spaces that you can use for your personal purposes. You have an opportunity to create a secret nook. For one, you can build a rectangular shed behind the shrub that doubles as your home office or entertainment area. A sunken area can be used as a meditation area. A small pond or a secret Japanese rock garden can also serve as your relaxation spot.

Make sure that you have a good view

patio view

You can say that you have fully maximised your multi-level patio when you have a good view. This is why this set-up works for homes perched on hills and slopes. Otherwise, you must make sure that the lower level looks good, as this is basically the area that will serve as a point of interest. Features such as a pond or a fountain may be necessary.

Rebuilding your patio may be quite a challenge, but while you are at it, why don’t you level things up? There may be some glitches and minor inconveniences along the way, but when you have the right plan, you can easily get past them. More importantly, a reliable contractor and supplier will make sure that your vision will become a reality.

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