Marrying Someone with Celiac Disease


An estimated 2 million Americans have celiac disease. If your partner has someone in the family who has celiac disease, chances are, your partner may have it, too. If you’re marrying a Celiac, you must understand the disease; it is an incurable disease that needs strict dietary commitment and support from your end.

What Is Celiac disease?

Celiac disease is a lifelong disease that affects the digestive system. As the disease damages the small intestines, it hinders the body from getting the necessary nutrients. Most of the time, it is triggered by consuming food with gluten content.

A person with Celiac disease will experience problems with digestion. To prevent triggering the disease, a strict gluten-free diet must be followed. If someone suspects having the disease, they should consult the advice of a doctor; a registered dietician can also recommend the proper diet for a person with Celiac disease.

Diet for Couples with Celiac Disease

If a couple is spending most of the time together, they will probably spend most of their time eating together. Sometimes, it is easier for a person with celiac disease to follow a gluten-free diet with someone who has the same diet. Here are some recommended dishes for individuals with celiac disease:

Gluten-free food

Lots of natural food are gluten-free. Food items such as fish and meat are naturally gluten-free. Rice and potatoes are gluten-free, too, as long as they have no additives or seasonings. Vegetables and fruits are also naturally gluten-free.

Carbohydrate lovers can also consume food made from flour, as long as the flour is natural and additive or seasoning-free. In the grocery stores, lots of gluten-free options are available, like gluten-free granola. You can find gluten-free pasta and bread, too.

Check the label

The US Food and Drug Administration mandates that gluten-free food items must be labeled with words such as “no gluten,” “gluten-free,” or “without gluten.” When putting this label on the item, manufacturers must ensure that the item has 20 parts per million of gluten or lower; this is the maximum amount of gluten a person with Celiac disease can tolerate.

Agriculture products such as meat and poultry are not required to have this label.

Relationships and Celiac Disease

For couples with one partner who has Celiac disease might need adjustments to the food they consume. This is called dietary sacrifice. A study done by Portland University states that partners of individuals diagnosed with Celiac disease play an important part in maintaining a gluten-free diet. The study also reveals that non-Celiac partners are willing to sacrifice, so they share meals with their partners.

Some people say that marrying a person with Celiac disease is not an issue; rather, it has advantages that may surprise people.

Everyday home-cooked meals

home cooked meal

Most Celiacs prefer to eat homecooked meals to ensure that the food they consume is prepared in a gluten-free environment. A gluten-free environment means that the pots and pans do not have traces of gluten and wooden spoons and other utensils are used for cooking. In a restaurant, you are not sure that these cooking tools do not have gluten cross-contamination; eating at home ensures that cross-contamination does not happen.

Eating homecooked meals is more than an advantage for couples. For one, they spend less time dining at restaurants which means spending less cash. Also, homecooked meals are heartwarming and an expression of love. Additionally, preparing food at home together is spending quality time as a couple.

No more thinking about what to eat for the day

Celiacs know what they want when it comes to food. This means spending less time thinking about what to eat for the day, which, let’s admit it, can be stressful and a point of argument for couples at times.

Additionally, this kind of attitude in food seems to reflect in their life. Celiacs seem to be more certain of what they want to do with their lives and are motivated to succeed. This is a sign of a good partner.

Boosts creativity

Celiacs need to be inventive when it comes to food. As most traditional food and recipes are made with gluten ingredients, Celiacs find their own way to twist these traditional recipes. Therefore, rest assured that your partner with Celiac disease is a creative person who can find solutions to problems.

In marriage vows, couples usually promise to stay through thick and thin, in sickness and health. Having a Celiac partner is a test to this vow, and couples who are given this test can easily go through it as long as they support each other.

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