Miter Alternatives for Gutters

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Gutters might not seem like super-advanced parts of your home. They are nonetheless an essential element in your structure and play a key role in its protection. Like all elements, some weak links might affect the functionality of your gutters. The two primary ones are the links between the gutter sections and their corners. Opting for seamless gutters negates the risk of weak links between the gutter sections.

This does not mean the DIY installation of the gutter will unquestionably negate a weak link. Seamless gutter contractors are your best choice for the installation to guarantee your whole gutter is strong enough. This way, it will handle considerable amounts of rainwater and melted snow without breaking or pulling away from the fascia. The corners of your gutters are called miters. They are at risk of uneven wear owing to the forced water flow direction change at these points. Furthermore, they are naturally weak because they comprise two affixed parts. Here are the miter types that can be used for your gutter systems.

Box Miters

These miters are pre-manufactured and come in one piece for attachment to gutter runs. The box miter is generally the easiest to install since it only needs the fastening and sealing of its two seams. The joints and fasteners used for the task will, however, remain visible. This might compromise your exterior property look. Moreover, at times the box miter available might not suit your gutter or fascia size.

Strip Miters

These, unlike box miters, feature a single seam design. This design means their installation necessitates the sealing of only one of their sides. Most contractors will use small aluminum pieces with 90-degree bends for the miters’ sealing. A few rivets and screws will hold strip miters in place. You will, however, use a considerable sealant amount to avert the leakage risk of these miters.

Hand Miter

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These have one joint and no visible sections after their installation. Hand miters thus suffice for property owners apprehensive about the aesthetic effect of gutters in their properties. The miters are held using tabs that overlap the inner section of your gutters. Hand miters have excellent leak resistance because they do not have many compromised joining points. They might, however, pull apart when exposed to extreme contraction and expansion.

Handcrafted Miters

These are tailored to match the look and needs of specific properties. Their sizes also perfectly match that of your gutter runs, and they are more durable and stronger than other alternatives. Though handcrafted miters are the most expensive, they offer the highest levels of leak resistance. Their fabrication should nonetheless be handled by only the best contractors in the field to guarantee they work optimally.

It is almost impossible to negate gutter corners in your home. Thus, you need to be vigilant in the regular inspection of the above miters to ascertain that they are working as they should. If you notice any leaks around them, have a contractor repair them. DIY miter repairs are usually ineffective and result in considerable water damage.

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