Quick and Inexpensive Ways to Freshen Up an Outdated Home

Living room

Just because our home’s looking a bit outdated doesn’t mean that it needs a full remodel. Chances are only a few elements in there are making your space appear dull, such as the color palette, old hardware, and the lighting. When you focus only on the necessary fixes, you’d be spared from overspending, and you’d realize that it’s entirely possible to make even your oldest stuff fit into a contemporary space.

That said, here are some tips on refreshing your space without spending a fortune:

1. Hire or Consult an Interior Designer

You may be thinking that it’s ironic to hire an interior designer when you’re trying to save money, but without their assistance, you actually risk spending more. That’s because you may end up buying furniture you don’t need, or one that’s a poor match with your space. And if you’re selecting new structural materials such as flooring, you may choose a type that’s attractive, only to discover later on that it’s the wrong material for the room you’re installing them in.

Simply put, an interior designer ensures that we won’t commit costly mistakes, thereby saving us more dollars. They have a wide network of contacts, including affordable furniture sources, (which may not be available to the general public) and other home improvement professionals. You can find experienced and reliable interior designers in Salt Lake City and other metropolitan areas; consult one before starting your project.

2. Change the Color Scheme

If the paintwork of your interiors has already faded, chipped, or is just too drab or gaudy, then a fresh coat of paint will save it. Opt for a color scheme that is timelessly appealing, such as earthen tones, neutral tones, or a mix of bright and muted.

Earthen tones provide an organic charm to your space, as well as a warm, cozy, and clean atmosphere, suiting a huge variety of tastes. But if your aesthetic leans more on the dramatic side, a neutral color scheme may suit you better, as it makes use of light and dark hues in both warm and cool tones, such as shades of gray, black, beige, brown, navy blue, and deep gold.

A mix of bright and muted color scheme works great for more casual spaces, especially those that fuse vintage and modern elements. If you have an old furniture that you don’t wish to get rid of, consider placing them in a colorful room to disguise them as a fairly new item.

living room

3. Use Old Furniture as Accents

You don’t need to replace an old furniture that’s still in perfect shape. An antique settee, for example, can be freshened up with a minimalist artwork on top of it, a sleek and modern light fixture beside it, and a contemporary area rug beneath it. A desk from the 1950’s or older can pop when placed against a bright colored accent wall, and paired with a modern chair.

You may change the hardware of old dressers or credenzas, but you may also leave them as they are, pairing them up with modern decor pieces to create a little eclectic corner. The key is to know the hacks to making an outdated furniture look trendy.

4. Replace Light Fixtures

New light fixtures are a necessary splurge when you’re modernizing your space. To save money, consider shopping from secondhand stores, where a lot of trendy and unique gems are hidden.

You don’t have to limit your options to only contemporary varieties. Depending on the overall theme of your home, you can opt for mid-century modern lighting such as spherical chandeliers and sconces, or a statement arched floor lamp. If you already have vintage furniture, that’s when you opt for contemporary lighting.

Be sure to have all ambient, task, and accent lighting. Recessed lighting is an option if your ceiling has the right detail.

As long as your dwelling is still in perfect shape, you don’t have to break the bank just to give it a dramatic transformation. With budget restrictions, your creativity will be boosted as well.

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