Wedding Day Aches: What to Do If You’re Sick on Your Wedding Day

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Planning a wedding can be a stressful and challenging time for couples. You want everything to be perfect that you end up stressing even the tiniest detail. From the menu, flowers, venue, guest list, and wedding attire, you want everything to look and feel the best as they can. But for soon-to-be brides, obsessing how their bodies look on their wedding day has become pretty much the norm.

Wedding stress can make you feel uncomfortable, both mentally and physically. For those with digestive problems, seeing a gastrointestinal specialist is likely a part of their wedding preparations. The gastrointestinal tract is quite responsive to emotion, from elation, sadness, anxiety, and anger. Stress can also cause changes in how our bodies function, which eventually influence mood. Whether positive or negative, our feelings have a direct connection with our entire bodies.

Feeling sick on your wedding day is perfectly normal. But following a sudden strict diet just to fit on your wedding gown can cause changes in the digestive function and other parts of the body. So whether it’s a horrible cold or an upset stomach, we’re here to help you avoid the worst moments that can happen on your wedding day.


That dreaded “pimple trouble” is a surefire way to ruin your wedding makeup goals. With all the traveling and stress involved in your wedding, there’s a big chance a pimple will magically appear on your big day. If this happens, experts recommend preparing a skincare emergency kit.

First, use ice on the affected area to decrease swelling and redness and make the pimple less noticeable. Then, apply an acne spot treatment (e.g., drying lotion or balm). After wiping the spot treatment, follow it with a hydrocortisone cream to further ease inflammation.

In-between your wedding preparations, consider making a quick trip to your dermatologist to get a cortisone shot. This will tone down any inflamed blemish and make it less noticeable. For extra measure, apply a green concealer (yes, they exist!) to hide any trace of redness.

Pink eye

A smudged eyeliner can be pretty manageable, but it can result in pink eye. Preparing your hair and makeup before the wedding can be big nerve-wracking for brides that they end up making mistakes, leading to last-minute accidents. Some end up spraying hairspray on their eye instead of their hair or having allergic reactions to a certain makeup product.

A doctor will likely recommend an antibiotic for pink eye, but a quick solution would be over-the-counter eye drops. This will ease the pain or itchiness after applying a few drops to the affected eye. If your inflamed eye looks quite noticeable on camera, request the photographer to tweak the photos to avoid looking like a disaster.

woman with aching ankle

Sprained ankle

Your wedding can be that one reason to add extra inches for your heels. But if you’re not the type to wear heels daily, then you’d better watch out for ankle injuries. Whether you’re wearing a pair of heels during the reception or taking a morning jog before the wedding, a sprained ankle can potentially happen to anyone.

Sadly, there’s no band-aid solution for a sprained ankle. The best you can do is to rest, keep your foot elevated, apply ice, and take anti-inflammatory medicine. For added support, wrap an elastic bandage on the affected area and remove it during photo-op sessions.

You may consider packing a pair of comfy flats if you want to ditch those heels instead of going barefoot. Also, take it easy on your exercise routine before the wedding date. Use all your time to rest and leave all last-minute details to your wedding planner.

Upset stomach

An upset stomach is likely one of the ugliest things that can happen on your wedding day. Of course, you don’t want to stay in the restroom all day instead of the reception.

Tummy problems are one of the physical signs of wedding stress. Avoid this by eating nutrient-packed foods. These will not only prevent stomach pain but also boost energy and revive that pre-wedding glow. Make sure to include watermelon, bananas, avocado, tangerine, eggs, salmon, sweet potato, blueberries, and green tea.

When you feel stress or overwhelmed, your entire body suffers. The wedding day can be that one event in your life that can make you feel various good and bad emotions. So it’s important to look after your health to avoid getting sick. So as your wedding day draws near, make sure to eat a balanced diet and amp up on your self-care.

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