Why You Should Be Thankful for Warning Systems

computer starting up

The world is filled with technological marvels. There are many kinds of vehicles roaming the roads. Many of you have smartphones that are technically full-featured computers. They allow you to browse the Internet, listen to music, and watch some videos. These are features that just a few decades ago you never imagined would be in the palm of your hands. As things get more advanced, there is a need for more instrumentation and control. Utah itself has many installations that measure different statistics such as temperature, pollution level, and other numbers that are significant to the city.

On a smaller scale, people are also presented with data that they can use for predictions or calculations. Thermometers can be used for the body if you want to find out if you have a fever or not. Your cars have a panel that displays information such as speed and how much fuel you have left in the tank. But there is something that also comes out from this that can be considered an important piece in everyday life. This is the warning system. Different devices have their own ways of conveying danger or failure. This is essential data because it allows you to change course so that you can avoid having a negative outcome.


When you turn on your computer, it usually gives off a beeping sound indicating that it is indeed starting up. If you have ever tried building a computer, you know the feeling of getting scared if you have broken a component, and there are expensive ones at play here. It is a good thing that computers have a robust warning system.

On the motherboard level, there are some manufacturers that put in LED indicators if you have a faulty RAM stick. Turning to the processor, there are ways for you to monitor its temperature. This can be displayed via software, where not only can you see how hot your CPU is running, but you will also be given control on how fast you want your fans to be. This will allow you to take preventive actions so that your processor will not overheat. And even if that happens, the chip will protect itself by shutting itself down. If this is something that you encounter at times, you might want to check the airflow of your system. Your processor may need some better cooling solutions.


These are something of a larger scale. Dams are built to control the flow of water from one area to another. They can be a barrier for flood water, and if they cannot hold it, there is the risk of it flowing into nearby towns or cities. If the drainage system of an area is not up to snuff, the areas may experience flash floods. This is why there are people who monitor the depth levels of a dam. This is so the local authorities can order emergency actions such as organizing an evacuation. A lot of lives depend on this warning system.


trash pollution

People have become accustomed to riding vehicles that burn gas and expel smoke. There are millions of those vehicles out there doing the same thing, and it all adds up. Some cities have more concentration of pollution than the others. But how does one measure this? The answer to that is satellites.

There are some out there that can detect and count the particles scattered around in the air. They do a check every few minutes or so, providing near-real-time monitoring. If you live somewhere that has a high level of pollution, then you need to protect yourself by wearing a face mask when going out. Otherwise, without this warning system, you would be unknowingly inhaling a lot of harmful particles.

It is important to know if something is wrong so that you can decide on how to correct it. Warning systems are out there to let you know what is happening. This is something that anyone should be thankful for because it means that there are people out there hard at work looking out for our safety.

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