Essential Wedding Planning: Applying Meticulous Event Planning

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No event has as much meaning and headaches as a wedding. It will be one of the most memorable days of your life, but if you’re not careful, planning for it will be very draining. There are many aspects to the day that you will need to meticulously track. Luckily, your wedding planner should be able to deliver what you need if you give clear and direct instructions. But you still have to be involved past wanting things. This is because physically experiencing something is always different from viewing it in a bridal magazine.

One important aspect of the wedding day is the presentation, preparedness, and perfection of the event venue. A great event venue with attention to detail can take away a significant part of your stress about the day. To guarantee this, you need to know how to use advanced preparation to reduce your worries and possible mishaps.

Walk Through the Venue

A walk-through of the event and sharing the details of your layout with the event manager is a must. Preparing this layout ahead of time takes precedence over other aspects if you are hiring party rentals. You need to factor in size, utility needs and access, setting up, and many more. Luckily, party rental firms are experienced in working with multiple types of venues for varieties of events.

The important thing is to ensure enough parking spaces for the vendors, the band, and support staff. This parking zone must be separate from the wedding guest parking area as well. Check with your event venue if they provide any services for ease of loading and unloading. Wedding venues typically are equipped to accommodate large, heavy, or unwieldy decorations or equipment.

Designate a Troubleshooter

You can do everything you need to do for your day to be perfect, but on the day itself, you need to relax. This means designating one member of your family or a trusted friend to be your troubleshooter. This person should be separate from your mother or maid of honor as they will have other duties.

This designated troubleshooter has one job: to be the go-to person when the wedding planner has any queries. There will be things that are out of the wedding planners’ range of accepted activities.

This troubleshooter will deal with guests who show up drunk or become too raucous before the ceremony begins. They will have the bobby pins and safety pins for fixing any mishaps with the flower girls. They will liaise with the caterer, the wedding cake baker and ensure that the overall event flow you desire is followed as closely as possible.

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It is best to keep this person in the loop at all times so that your wedding planner knows to go to them on the day. A binder with all your decisions and what-if scenarios can also be a helpful guide for them in dealing with any mishaps. Ensure that your families and the bridal party know your troubleshooter and the significant task you have given them. This way, if they run into any issues with an irate family member, the bridal party or an immediate family member can back up your troubleshooter’s decision.

Be Prepared for Every Emergency

There is no way to predict what will happen on a day when the emotions and hormones are flying free. This means you cannot predict what you might have access to on the day and what you might need suddenly. Thus, take the day of the venue walk-through as an opportunity to make a note of any gift shops, convenience stores, and emergency clinics in the area.

Additionally, you can prepare an emergency kit to avoid the disruption of someone having to go to these places. Pack a clearly labeled bag that your entire bridal party is aware of as the emergency bag. Fill this with first aid kits, duct tape, sewing supplies, staplers, water bottles, mints, cookies, power strips, flashlights, wet wipes, and spot cleaner.

Add Tylenol, Benadryl, and antacids as well. This is very much one of those scenarios where it is better to have and not need than to need and not have.

No matter how meticulously you plan every detail, time moves differently on the wedding day. This is not a reason to worry as your wedding planner and friends and family are there to ensure that everything happens the way it should.

Try to hand over all your duties to your troubleshooter and wedding planner at least three to four days before your wedding date. Use this time to check in with your soon-to-be spouse and spend time together. Wedding planning is hectic and stressful. The two of you will benefit from having time to reconnect and romance each other before the big day. It will remind you why you go through all this.

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