Eye-catching Staircase Design Ideas for Small Spaces


If you live in a small two-story apartment, chances are it’s the staircase you’ll first see when you walk in from the front door. They may be built mainly for functionality, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of enhancing the aesthetics of your space.

When designed and decorated beautifully, your little staircase can be your home’s focal point. A focal point is the star of a room, typically the biggest feature occupying the space. By obtaining professional new stair designing services, you can transform your stairs from just a structural feature to a Pinterest-worthy focal point.

Therefore, if your space is looking a little dull, sprucing up your staircase can liven it up. Here are some genius staircase design ideas to get you inspired:

1. Dark Banisters

If the paintwork around your home is predominantly white or any light color, make a contrast by painting your banisters with a dark shade. Inky gray, for example, dramatically stands out against a white backdrop. Finish the new look with a statement chandelier, like a lantern or something either more modern or traditional, depending on your tastes and what your home’s theme calls for.

2. Make it Float

In some small homes, the stairs are in the way of the floor space. What could’ve been an open floor plan is impeded by an unnecessarily bulky staircase, so if you have the same frustrating problem, consider a major remodel job of having it torn down and rebuilt into a unique floating staircase. With all the space underneath freed up, you can add a new functional feature in your home, accentuated by your focal stairs.

3. Utilize the Space Underneath

working from home

If your stairs are built against the wall and there is some useful space beneath, you can spruce it up in several ways. You can hang a large artwork to the wall, put a console table with decorative items on top of it, or if you work from home, your desk can be tucked in there, too, with your work material and random collections acting as decor.

If there is a cupboard in there, you can change its boring door into something that can pop in the space, but complements your overall home design and decor. If you have a rustic space, for example, then a barn cupboard door will just be appropriate.

4. Decorate with Wall Art

Fill the bare wall beside your stairs with various prints, experimenting with different textures to add dimension. A set of family photos also work great if a personal touch is what you prefer. If you have furry babies, include their photos in your little gallery wall, too! Their happy faces will add more personality and playfulness to the space.

5. Make it Quirky

Nothing catches eyes better than something surprisingly unconventional. If you’re not afraid to experiment with uncommon styles, consider a quirky staircase, meaning something that is far from the appearance of a typical staircase. Just be wary of potential safety hazards, though, since it may be a little tricky to secure your footing on the odd steps.

6. Make a Bookshelf

The space under the stairs can definitely serve as additional storage, something small homes greatly benefit from. If you have a heap of books with beautiful spines that aren’t displayed, show them off by making an open shelving unit under your stairs. Display your books in a methodical way that achieves more style than function, so that your stairs will truly serve its purpose of being a focal point.

These six focal staircase design ideas are sure to add visual interest to any small space. Don’t hesitate to experiment and exercise your creativity more, as there is really no need to strictly follow design rules when you’re beautifying your own space.

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