Good Health During the Pandemic: 10 Ways to Maintain It

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There was a new virus, and it suddenly escalated into a global pandemic. You would hear news of a calculated measurement of active cases, fatalities represented by a percentage, policies made, and laws being passed. It felt chaotic and seemed unreal. Also, conspiracy theorists were having the time of their lives, still unable to contribute any significant help to society. You were confused, and you had doubts, too.

Until now, COVID-19 is posing a threat to life. Still, you can prevent it by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The best approach when it comes to medical concerns is to boost your immune system, with or without a pandemic.

Here are ways you can ensure that your body is healthy during the pandemic:

Regular Medical Checkup

Well, at least find a way to have it, maybe through online or a local clinic. It’s the only way you would know the exact status of your physical health. It’s quite tempting to self-diagnose with google, but that’s a paved road with a dead end. Only medical experts can give you an approximate measurement of your health.

Balanced Diet

Everyone’s bored out of their minds, and one of the easy tasks to fill the hours would be eating. It is best to avoid mindless snacking during the pandemic, try to eat intuitively and purposefully. Eat only when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. There’s no need to complicate nourishment, natural foods are good for you, and anything with advertisements is best to avoid. Good food need not have any advertising.

Regular Exercise

The modern world has already lessened physical activity by more than 50%. Tasks that require physical strength and may build up muscles are becoming more automated. Convenience is a common theme that seems to be developing more into the near future. This is the purpose of daily exercise; the body needs to be stretched and, in turn, conditions the blood flow, lung capacity, blood circulation, and so much more.

Physical Activities

Aside from exercise routines, it could also help if you do productive activities that entail a little physical strength, such as buying groceries, walking your pet, cleaning your home, or fixing something in your house.

Adequate Sleep

The body requires sleep, not just some quick nap or shut-eye, but a perfect deep REM sleep. Sleep is the body’s natural way of coping up, recharging, rebuilding, and developing. So the deliberate act to fight off sleep is one of the most counterproductive things you can do to your body.


Any medicine that is required or needed to maintain your health should be continued. Also, try to chime in with other food supplements or vitamins that may help boat your body’s immune system. Taking vitamins does not take a lot from you; pop a pill and water it down, done in a second or two, and the benefits can have a significant difference.

Furthermore, another thing you should maintain is your skin. Make sure to moisturize your skin to avoid dry, patchy skin. Look for a cheap vitamin C serum you can use to hydrate and brighten your face. And never forget to use sunscreen, even if you are just at home.

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Stress and Anxiety Relief

It is best to avoid any negative thoughts; the body reacts to whatever the mind feeds it. The body and our mind have this sensitive relationship that can be mastered over time. It is mind over body and body over mind. This is no mystical approach; this phenomenon is scientifically based. The brain sends signals through the nervous system that contains messages or commands dictating the body what to do. Negative thoughts are just the brain not telling the body what to do but telling the body what it is, which will eventually lead to a body at rest not receiving any commands to help itself.


Mental health is also part of your overall health. Mental health can be fed and nurtured with the help and calming effect of human connection. So you can call or connect with friends, family, and loved ones. The feel-good hormones endorphins and others are good for a reason, and they keep the body fit and happy.


Read, watch videos or familiarize yourself with the latest medical updates, things you think might affect you or would be nice to know. This includes medications or related vaccine shots, and education is not only when you are in school; we are all still learning, even outside of university halls. Being well-informed and updated during the pandemic is one of the essentials for living.

A Not-to-Do List

If you have a to-do list, then maybe it is also best to include a ‘not to do list.’ During the pandemic, it’s easy to fall into the pit of bad habits, and the thing about bad habits is that if it stays, it stays. Bad habits are difficult to get rid of, it takes more than 20 days to establish a routine and the same amount to detoxify from a habit. Create new patterns by not doing the bad ones. Sooner or later, a healthier lifestyle can be built and be part of your necessary routine.

Health is vital, especially in an era where our mortality has been tested and questioned by this surreal pandemic. Nations are panicking, and other countries are doing their best. It feels like a thing that only happens on television. However, this time, it’s quite real. Everyone needs to help themselves. It’s health that’s being attacked, so it’s health that should be secured.

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