Here’s The Hard Truth; Dream Homes Don’t Exist

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We are big fans of the homebuying trend, especially since a lot more couples are shifting from their rental apartments and making the necessary preparations to finally move into a home they can call theirs. And while we don’t mean to throw any shade on rentals, we can’t deny that there’s a certain magic to having a space that’s all yours, with no landlord to nag on you and zero restrictions on what you’re allowed to do.

However, one grave mistake we see time and time again is the search for that dream home, wherein couples go house-hunting down to the last available listing and crossing every single property off because it fails to meet a specific criterion. To make it clear, we believe there’s no such thing as that perfect dream home, so searching for one that meets your criteria sheet is cruel and a waste of your weekend. That’s because dream homes aren’t found but built over time.

Factors Beyond Your Control

These dream homes don’t exist because there will always be factors beyond your control that will prevent a property from ever becoming the perfect possible place for you. And much like anything else in this world, nothing ever comes served on a silver plate for you to feast your eyes and enjoy every bit of it. Everything comes at a price, and in the case of house-hunting, that price is always a compromise.

  • A Location Dilemma: Firstly, a common factor that will constantly tug at your brain cells when trying to evaluate a home is a location dilemma. You see, it’s always the best of homes that end up being a bit too far out from work and amenities, with its counterpart being those most convenient, as far as location goes, featuring the least-pleasant of issues you’ll have to deal with.
  • Price Issues And Cost Constraints: Secondly, one huge deciding factor that will either have you reeling in or pulling back is the interplay between price issues and cost constraints presented by your wallet. Even when you have a home that checks off every box on your list, the price isn’t always the most agreeable and often way out of your league in terms of budget.
  • Brand-New Versus Repairs: Last but not least, one factor we see most couples quarreling and arguing about is whether to go for a property that’s brand-new or an existing one that might come with repairs under the belt. And with both housing supply on the low-side and housing construction projects also on the low-end, you don’t really have much of a say on what you’re going to get nowadays.

Compromise With Your Partner And Build From There

Therefore, given the uncontrollable factors mentioned above, the only true way of attaining your dream home is through a compromise with your partner and building one over time. Of course, we will be frank by saying that this method will require a lot of effort in the long term, but it’s something that pays off big time in the end. And so, ready your notes because this is a plan you don’t want to fumble over mid-way.

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#1 Double-Check Your Essential Home Systems

Once you’ve settled in a property that meets most of your criteria and provides a solid foundation to build upon, your first order of business would be to double-check on your essential home systems. Remember, comfort and liveability are two aspects that go hand in hand as top priorities because no one wants to live in a home that’s constantly wishing them out. So, give yourself the reassurance of knowing what fixes your HVAC, plumbing, and other essential systems will need.

#2 Meaningful And Functional Indoor Renovations

After you’ve covered the bases with structural integrity and double-checking that everything’s in tip-top shape, you can now move onto the second step of investing in meaningful and functional indoor renovations. We believe that homes should always be welcoming and representative of the homeowners, meaning that designing it as you’d like is just as important as any other need out there. Therefore, whether it’s a complete remodeling of the master’s bath or installing fresh new appliances and wooden wall cabinets in the kitchen, let your heart run wild.

#3 Save Landscaping For Last

Finally, once you’ve marked off both the underbelly of your home and the indoors, your next project focus would be all the landscaping we saved for last. We chose to keep yard work and any outdoor projects as your final stop because minimal yard maintenance should be the least of your worries as new homeowners. However, now that all other pressing matters are pretty much in the clear, you can invest in adding yard features, decorations, and plants to help bring up your home’s curb appeal.

Don’t Wait For A Dream Home, Make One Yourself.

Overall, we just want to remind everyone that dream homes aren’t just waiting out there in the middle of nowhere for you to find, dream homes are created from the homeowner’s effort and time invested. So, don’t go chasing a pipe dream and make that dream home yourself before this housing boom goes to bust!

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