Married by Design: House-improvement After the Wedding

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The best day of your life has finally arrived. All the days spent tirelessly planning every meticulous detail have paid off. Stress-filled months resulted in a perfect wedding day. But now that the wedding planning is over, the real challenge begins. Marriage.

The best way to start your marriage right is by capitalizing on that wedding day hangover. Bring that magical moment into your daily married life by using the wedding décor, theme, and gifts to re-design your home.

And with these four tips, re-designing your home wouldn’t be as tiring as wedding planning.


Fill your bedroom with nostalgia and romance. There’s nothing wrong with being sentimental. Your bedroom is the heart of your home. It’s the place where you can find solace. No matter how hard the day gets, knowing that you would eventually lay with the person of your dreams makes it all worth it. So, it’s only right to design it with romance in mind.

Accentuate the existing designs with frames of the best wedding and pre-wedding photos. Have your vows painted or digitally worked on and frame them above your headboard. These would be great reminders of why you chose each other during tough times.


Bring the wedding planner in you out from retirement. Planning the wedding was surely tiring. But the knowledge learned and skills acquired must not be wasted. All those hours working on the flow of the best day of your life will come in handy one more time.

Organize your kitchen based on ease, flow, and function. You’ve seen what it looks like to have people running around not knowing how to get things and use them. Use that in planning a kitchen that might cater to a toddler someday. Create a system. An order of things, if you will. The pans and other cooking utensils must be near the dishwasher. The glass and cups should be right beside the fridge. All the condiments and ingredients have to be easily accessible when you’re cooking. Place them by the range.

This is also where the wedding gifts come in. There’s no use letting them rot away in a closet. Showcase and use them. They’re one of the best parts about having a wedding in the first place. Hopefully, you’ve created a gift list for your wedding. And hopefully, everyone followed it.

Living Room

Most weddings are expensive. And no matter how magical that was, it was only for a day. Now, you are going to be budgeting for a lifetime. The dream is to retire by 40 and enjoy each other’s company by the beach, sipping margaritas. If you want that, you and your partner should focus on saving money as much as possible and as early as possible.

Start with the wedding décor. Most of the things used to make your wedding day amazing are re-usable. Repurpose them and make your house look like it came straight out of a fairy tale.

Rugs and carpets used in weddings usually have a classy vibe. That will look great in your home, too! Place them near the front door, and every day will feel like you’re walking on the red carpet.

Wedding décors are usually composed of mirrors, throw pillows, blankets, linens, and flowers. Now, there’s a different plan for the flowers. But the blankets and throw pillows will probably look great on your couch. You can even try a minimalist approach and drop them in the middle of the floor. (neatly, please) Whatever sizes there are, mirrors will automatically elevate your house. It won’t only be good for the light but will also make your place appear more spacious. Plus, seeing your beautiful face in every corner will only make your day better.

Front Yard

Your wedding was probably filled with flowers—at least a dozen of arrangements. At most, it probably looked like an indoor botanical heaven. Now, what do you do with all these flowers? Of course, you can always donate them or give them as gifts. But they would eventually die.

Luckily, there is another way out. You get to save them and make your house prettier at the same time. Propagate! Bring those flowers home and grow them. A single stem and a seed can become a healthy garden with proper maintenance and love. Take care of them as you would a child. Keep them healthy by getting your trees and shrubs serviced to avoid pests. Make them feel loved by seeing to them as you water them. The flowers you’ve chosen for your wedding day are your favorites, so why not have them in your front yard?

Pro tip: If you’re still planning a wedding, choose flowers with longer life spans upon getting cut. And pick arrangements where you can maximize their longevity.

The most important thing to remember is to do it with your spouse. This can be a good opportunity for you to actively work on improving your house and your relationship at the same time.

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