House Improvement in the Pandemic: Turning Your House into a Child-friendly Home

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As a young mother, there is nothing more fulfilling than making your house ideal for your children. As much as possible, you want your kids to be safe, comfortable, and satisfied staying indoors or playing outside.

As such, it’s a good idea to pursue a home improvement project. In fact, home renovations have spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. But when jumping onto this home improvement bandwagon, your specific goal is to turn your house into a child-friendly home.

Fret not, as we’ve rounded up some practical tips for you. Here are home improvement projects conducive for children you might want to pursue:

1. Transform your kids’ bedroom

For children, a bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep. It is, in fact, a world of make-believe, especially for toddlers and young kids. For this reason, it’s best to transform your kids’ bedrooms. For your young girl, consider incorporating a fairy-tale theme. On the other hand, opt for a hero character integrated into your boy’s bedroom. Ultimately, be sure to factor in their favorite characters when remodeling their bedrooms.

2. Incorporate art into your home interior

When it comes to home design trends for 2021, Forbes mentioned incorporating uplifting artwork. It’s best to have bright colors and fancy art pieces embellished on your home interior walls. These key elements mask the dreaded reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. As much as possible, you need to have an uplifting and comforting space for your children. It’s good that art masterpieces are particularly appealing to young children.

3. Create a dedicated space for learning

There’s no denying how the pandemic has disrupted the education sector. About 1.2 billion children have been out of the classroom since the COVID-19 outbreak in March of last year. As your kids resort to online learning, you must set up a dedicated space for learning and studying. That said, find a particular area at home or consider the space next to your kids’ bed. From there, set up their desktops and sort their school supplies.

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4. Have indoor plants inside your house

Having plants inside your home does more than meets the eye. Not only do these shrubs and blooms decorate your house, but they also boost your kids’ focus and attention. They also purify your indoor air and promote healing and recovery. Ultimately, it’s best to get into indoor planting to make your home healthy for your children.

5. Install creative storage

Having proper storage makes your house free of clutter and mess. With this in place, you’ll teach your children to be organized and tidy. Also, this will promote the utmost safety at home. But while at it, consider having creative storage. Install pieces of artwork in your cabinetry as they appeal to your kids. Doing so will encourage them to put their toys and artwork in proper places.

6. Set up an outdoor playground

When it comes to a home improvement project, you may also want to include your outdoor space. In fact, the year 2021 is tagged as the “year of the yard,” while the year 2020 was considered the “year of the home.” As such, consider setting up a playground for your kids during this pandemic. You don’t want them to get stuck indoors and hooked on their mobile phones. With an outdoor playground, you can encourage them to get into physical activities and become physically active.

7. Use bricks and natural stone for your siding

During this pandemic, you may want to transform your house exterior and turn it into a castle-like property. Not only will it boost your curb appeal, but it will also be appealing to your children. That said, the best course of action is to install brick or natural stone veneer siding. As castles typically consist of bricks and natural stone, your kids will believe that they’re living in a castle.

8. Build a tree house

The last on the list is to build a tree house for your children. A tree house does more than meets the eye; it creates a world of magic. Of course, this is a classic example of an outdoor playground for kids. As long as you have sturdy trees in your backyard, you can build one. To ensure its utmost safety, consider hiring a contractor to construct a tree house for your children. Ultimately, your kids will love this perfect sanctuary!

At this point, you now know what it takes to turn a house into a child-friendly home. Be sure to consider some of the home improvement projects recommended above. Whether transforming your kids’ bedroom, installing creative storage, or building a tree house, you can make your residential property ideal for your children.

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