Moving In After The Wedding: Some Tips For An Easy Transition

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While some couples already live together before marriage, the wedding is usually when many of them formally plan to move into a new house. While this is a great idea and very symbolic, it can cause a few problems. As a new wife, a few challenges might pop up, so here are some tips to help.

Visit Before The Move

It would be a good idea to visit the house long before you move in. This gives you the chance to scout the place so that you can plan out where everything will go. This ensures that when you move in, you can do it quickly. For example, when you are already familiar with the house’s layout, you know to put the right rooms. This can mean an easier transition into your new life. Start planning once you have done a tour of the house. Bring in your partner for their input.

Have An Expert Check Everything

Besides the planning, all the various parts of your house also need to be in working order if you want to be comfortable. For example, your first night in your new home should not be a cold one. If the furnace is not working properly, you should know early so that you can call in the local heating contractor before you move in. A home inspection report should have been part of the house buying process, and you should use it properly. Check the report and ensure that everything is in proper repair before moving in.

Create A Checklist For Your Move

To make things easier, it is a good idea to make a checklist before you move into your new home. If you have been living separately, you need to organize your moving in plans with a checklist. Go over what you and your husband need. For example, every house needs a fully-stocked kitchen.

You likely have a couple of appliances already, like a microwave and a coffeemaker. You might also consider whether you will buy new or bring in some items from your old homes. Proper organization ensures that you don’t have anything missing from your house when you settle in.

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Make Your Move Memorable

Don’t just bring the boxes and unpack. Moving into your new home is supposed to be a special occasion. While it is nice to be practical, you should also consider your emotional health. On the first day, your focus should be on having a place to sleep and some essentials, but you can have fun afterward. Set aside a day to organize a room each. Unless you own a mansion, you should be done in a week, and all the unpacking is done at a leisurely and organized pace. Take pictures or videos of the process so that you have memories of your first home years later.

Be Ready With Backup Storage

You and your husband had lives before this, and you likely had full ones. It might seem surprising how many possessions people accumulate in these lives. If you are both bringing things over, then that is two lives moving into a home. Those lucky enough will have space for everything, especially for storage in the basement or the attic. But some starter homes don’t have the luxury of space, so you might need to put some things in storage. Additionally, some items you might consider giving away or leaving behind as parts of your single life.

Do Some Consolidation

Then there is the consolidation of items. You and your husband will live a life together, so there is no need to duplicate some items. For example, your house does not need two couches. You’re going to have to choose one to keep while letting the other go. Go through all the duplicates that you have and decide whether it is worth keeping two. If it is a personal item that only a single person can use at a time, like a computer, then it is a good idea to keep it. But for communal items like appliances, you can save a lot of money by selling them off.

Adjusting to a new home can be a challenging situation for many people. It is even harder if you recently married and get used to various demands on your time and attention. You and your husband are ready to start new lives, so don’t let a simple house get in the way of your happiness. The tips above should help ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible so that you and your husband will have a good start on your new life.

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