How are teeth replaced?

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It is important to replace teeth so that the mouth is able to recover from the trauma that it experiences when teeth go missing. By understanding that teeth are designed to work in unison, patients can begin to grasp how critical it is to have a fully functional mouth where teeth are able to work together to bite, chew and grind.

Replacing teeth can be effectively completed in a number of ways, either with bridges, dentures or dental implants. By choosing the latter, individuals can be confident that their choice is a long lasting one, allowing them decades of comfortable use of a fully functional smile.

So by speaking to a dentist about the opportunities available to them, patients can see for themselves how they can enjoy a fully functional smile again. Losing a tooth can be devastating to a patient’s self-esteem, as well as their ability to bite and chew or even speak correctly. By replacing these teeth in a practically permanent way, these individuals can move on with their lives and not have to be burdened with frequent procedures or complications that can arise with some of the other ways to replace teeth.

How does this treatment differ from others?

dental treatmentImplant treatment can be worked for several different situations, unlike bridges or dentures which are quite limited in when they are applicable for a patient. Whether a person has lost a single tooth or is looking to replace all of their teeth, an implant treatment can be utilised to great effect.

One of the reasons that dentists often prefer this treatment is because of the length of time that it lasts for. Professionals can confidently guarantee several decades of wear out of the implant for their patients. This far exceeds any other treatment that is available for use.

Because this treatment is so durable, many patients can relax knowing that they can move on from the trauma of losing a tooth. Although some degree of special care is needed, such as ensuring the implant is clean and free from food debris that can cause eventual infection, a patient can simply forget that they have lost a tooth and confidently move onwards with their lives.

This can also be said for denture stabilisation, a technique using these tooth implants to support and secure dentures so that they do not slip and slide around in the mouth.

It is not uncommon for those people who have worn dentures for several years to experience some movement. This can cause embarrassing situations and may lead to a loss in confidence in one’s self.

By having that freedom in knowing that their dentures will no longer move around, but they can still remove them to keep them clean, then individuals can again feel confident and secure in themselves and enjoy eating and speaking with friends again.

There are many different ways in which this treatment can be the solution to an individual’s smile insecurities, when those feelings are borne from missing teeth. Patients can improve their health as well as their confidence by speaking with a professional about their options.

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