How to Enhance Your Driveway to Add Some Much-Needed Curb Appeal


Despite how often you use it, your driveway can be one of the most overlooked spots in your property. So, over time, it will look dirty and dilapidated, with cracks running through it or layers of moss covering it.

Don’t take your driveway for granted. More than just improving curb appeal, improving your driveway helps prevent other symptoms of structural damage such as flooding or sinking. Here’s how you can give your driveway a do-over.

Lift the concrete surface

Driveways of traditional houses are prone to having sinking slabs or cracked concrete due to old age. Luckily,  there are concrete repair services for your Ogden property that can lift sinking concrete to stabilize and bring them back to level.

Instead of replacing the concrete or merely patching the slabs up with cement, professional concrete lifting does a better job by injecting specialized grout. It restores the surface to the right lift, level, and stability, saving you money in the long run.

Upgrade for curb appeal

Now that your surface is level once again, it’s time to work on your driveway’s face value. This is the best part because you have dozens of options that are both durable and eye-catching.

You can mix various premium materials like flagstone or exposed aggregate, or add stunning pavers made of clay brick or bluestone. Add pathways made with bricks, cobblestones, or crushed marble slabs encircled with pebbles or lined with a patch of fescue grass to catch rainwater.


Install a drainage system

Speaking of rainwater, don’t forget to install a drainage system to your driveway’s sloping edges. Even if the material for your driveway is naturally durable, if it is constantly exposed to rain and flood, it can still erode faster than expected. Water can also get into subsoil levels, causing the base layer to expand and to lose load-bearing capacity.

Channel and basin drains are cheap and easy to install for most driveways. You should also have downspouts that direct water off your gutter to your yard.

Put up a gate for security

Don’t just park your car on driveways that don’t have any fence or gate to secure your vehicle.

Installing a fence or a gate to your driveway is difficult, but it’s a worthy investment. Go for an automatic gate opener while you’re at it, so you can open and close the gate at will when you’re pulling up to the driveway. You can also add an ankle-level iron fence around the driveway perimeter, so you don’t accidentally drive into your front yard.

Invest in outdoor lighting

Don’t just rely on street lamps to illuminate your driveway for you. Adding ample lighting doesn’t only help display the path clearly but also keeps borders well-lit, so no one drives into your landscaping features by accident.

You can opt for pillar lights that mark the corners of your borders and in-ground guiding lights that you won’t have problems running over. Motion-activated bollard lights throughout walkways will help at night, too. To save energy, you can opt for solar lights.

Upgrading your driveway not only adds to your curb appeal but also takes care of your or your visitors’ car tires. So don’t be afraid to splurge on your driveway.

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