How to Spruce up a Home with Rugs

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Rugs, rugs, rugs. We’re always on the lookout for ways to spruce up our home decor. If you’re looking for that one item to leave a sophisticated impact on your living space, rugs are a great choice. In recent years, the obsession with rugs has inspired sewers to release the latest patterns for home decors in a varied range of designer sewing patterns.

While others view rugs as outdated home decor, the right rug can be a game-changer on how a room feels and looks. Basically, rugs can either look fab in a living room or add harmony in the kitchen. They create a statement by simply putting in an element of surprise. They can also pull all accent colors, soften sharp edges, and add patterns to neutral colors.

Area rugs are a fitting alternative to carpets since they’re easier to clean and remove. There’s also less commitment involved, so you can easily switch designs depending on your mood. But when including rugs in your space, there are still essential rules and tips to follow. So before buying one, read below to discover ways to decorate with rugs.

The basics of buying rugs

Purpose: The main purpose of rugs in home decor is to add a soft, comfy touch to your cold and stiff floors. Before, homes used to be fully carpeted to keep floors easy and soft to thread on. They’re also effective in absorbing sounds to tone down noises in homes with multiple occupants. Rugs also prevent accidents, especially for toddlers who are just learning to walk.

Carpets quickly became outdated when homeowners began opting for hardwood floors because of their sophisticated look. While wood is stunning a look at, it’s still hard and noisy to walk on. Thus, most people are still using rugs to add an exquisite touch to their floors.

Another function of area rugs is to harmonize all furniture pieces within a space. For example, it’s hard to decorate a living room with mismatched items, such as the sofa, accent chair, and coffee table. Adding a rug helps in connecting those pieces together.

Size: Area rugs are designed to fill the gaps without touching the walls in the house. The basic rule is to leave at least a one-foot gap on both sides to avoid overfilling the flooring. But you can also opt for smaller rugs to simply accentuate a certain furniture piece.

Materials: Rugs that came from natural materials often last longer than those made from mixed or synthetic fibers. Going for something cheaper means you have to consider how long you plan to use it.

Ways to decorate with rugs


Kitchen: Small rugs work well in the kitchen. Rag-inspired rugs blend the homey ambiance of the kitchen with their nubby texture and casual, cozy design, which easily softens the hard edges of sleek appliances and cabinets. They’re also washable, so no need to worry about any food spills.

Dining room: Glamorous, luxe, and plush sheepskin rugs complement almost any room, but its rightful place is in the dining area. Looking for a bohemian-chic setting for at-home date night? Casually drape chic rugs over the chairs, and they will certainly deliver that cozy texture. One way to harmonize mismatched dining chairs is to use layered sheepskins on bamboo chairs.

Bedroom: So you have a minimalist bedroom but look for a bit of pattern and color? Add a fringed flat weave rug on top of the bedding for a trimmed yet inviting feel. By nighttime, you can easily fold it down to the far end of the bed. Use this setup during hot summer months as an alternative to heavy duvets.

Bathroom: Replace your boring bathroom mats for something playful and frilly. Natural-fiber rugs, such as bamboo and sisal, have warm and organic textures that balance out glossy surfaces. The bonus is they can withstand damp and humid conditions. For something durable yet comfy, go for hide rugs.

Creative rug ideas

Blue rugs: A beach-inspired room deserves a dreamy blue rug. Choose air rugs with light neutral colors, such as white, gray, and beige.

Pink rugs: A vibrant rug is what completes a bohemian-style living room. Bright colors are easy on the eye, so make sure to indulge in this fun hue.

Patterned rugs: A modern, mid-century room requires area rugs in bold patterns to highlight the surrounding furniture. Rugs in vibrant colors also make a great focal point.

There’s a reason why rugs are must-have home decor. They’re a practical option to add warmth, comfort, and cushion to any living space. As you noticed, there are unlimited ways to get creative with rugs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with its shapes, uses, and design preferences.

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