The importance of Dental SEO and how Google lists its results

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Dental SEO, search engine optimisation is important for letting Google know that you have the answers that potential patients are looking for. Google is the world’s busiest search engine and either people are searching for the best dentist in the area, they are typing in specific dental issues such as a toothache or bleeding gums, or they are looking for dental treatments such as root canal therapy or cosmetic dentistry. Whichever dental search term it is that they are typing into the Google search bar it is important that when they press the search button Google recognises that your website has the answer to what they are looking for and lists you at the top of the search results list. There are many different techniques and strategies involved to get on the top of that list and by speaking to an award-winning digital dental marketing team you can make sure that you achieve and maintain that position using SEO. By getting more views for your website you will be helping to attract more patients to your dental practice.

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The Google Search results list is made up of three main parts and if you can get on the very top of that list then this will be even more beneficial for your practice; however, this may not always be possible or affordable. The very top section of the list is made up of the paid for Google advertisements. This is the most effective way of getting your website seen however it can be expensive to maintain and may not always be feasible for small dental practices.

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The middle part of the list is made up of the local businesses in your area and it is urgent that your name is listed here also. To get onto this list which includes a map of your local vicinity and where the practices are located then it is important that you create a Google my business page for your dental practice. On this page, you can include as much information as you like with regards to your dental practice including contact information, photographs, USPs and treatments and procedures which you specialise in and any other information which you feel will help summarise your brand or your practice. Google will index this information and when a potential patient is searching for dental practices in the area you will be included on this list. Google will generate information with regards to how far you are from the potential patient and even provide them with directions to your dental practice as well as a hyperlink to calling you directly so that they are further encouraged to speak to you and visit you in person.

The next part of the list is made up of the Organic search results and this is the section which you have to work hard to maintain and remain at the top of at all times. This can be a time-consuming process as Google uses algorithms to create this list that is ever-changing. Google has approximately 200 different algorithms which it uses to generate its search results list. By consulting an experienced dental marketing team you will be able to put in place effective strategies for SEO which help you keep Google happy at all times so that it works for you to help generate potential leads into actual patients walking through your door

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