Keeping Your Husband Deeply in love With You

Falling in love is easy, but keeping the fire burning can be challenging. How will you make your husband fall in love with you like the first time he did? After a few years of getting married, many women worry about keeping their husbands in love. Because let’s admit it, the love and intimacy you had before will no longer be the same.

A lot of things will change. You will no longer consider date nights important, your husband isn’t as clingy as he used to be, and you will start to feel neglected. While this is entirely nobody’s fault, it takes effort to make the relationship work.

As a woman, there are things you can do to shower your spouse with love. Be supportive so that he will see how amazing you were and why he married you in the first place. Men like to be spoiled, and that is your advantage.

How Does Love Disappear in Marriage?

Before anything else, let us first determine why the love you used to share seems to vanish over time. Is it his fault or yours? The answer doesn’t really matter. You need to focus on building the relationship again and creating an environment that will promote love between the two of you.

Here are the common reasons why love slowly disappears in marriage:

  • Being too occupied. Your busy family life is taking too much of your time that you no longer spend quality time together.
  • You focus too much on children.
  • Chasing goals. You focus too much on your personal goals that you forget about your goals as a couple.
  • Lack of communication.
  • Lack of romantic gestures.
  • Lack of Novelty

As a married couple, you and your husband need to understand that marriage needs maintenance. You both need to work to make each other feel special and loved despite being committed for a long time.

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Ways to Make Your Husband Fall In Love

Dress to Impress.

It’s easy for women to neglect their wardrobe after marriage. At this point in their lives, their main focus is comfort over style and appeal. But men are naturally visual; they like seeing their wives looking pretty and sexy.

Show interest in his work and hobbies.

Men know it when they are appreciated. And the best way for you to show your appreciation is by showing interest in what he does at work and hobbies. Be attentive in listening to him when explaining how his day went.

Give him gifts.

Most people think that gifts are for the wives only, but men like receiving gifts too. Give your husband things that he can use daily. For example, if his work includes marine yacht plumbing, gift him a brand-new hat or some tools that he can use at work.

Surprise him with dates.

Like women, men need a break too from time to time. If you want your husband to fall in love with you again, then a surprise date is a must. A surprise date is what’s going to put the excitement back in your marriage. Make sure to plant the date ahead of time and make it exciting enough. Doing so will your husband realize how much you value him and your marriage.

Be fearless in bed.

Once you get married, you can finally go all the way to make your husband excited. And yes, that includes being fearless in bed. Intimacy is an essential factor in marriages. It plays a significant role to keep the fire burning between the two of you.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move. Remember, you are now married, and the two of you are responsible for showing intimacy towards each other. Get yourself a new pair of lingerie or try to learn some new tricks that you can use in bed.

Let him have fun with his friends.

All men need some “bro” time too. Encourage him to spend some time with his friends and tell him to have fun. By doing this, you are showing him how much you respect his privacy, mental health, and happiness. After all, you need some time apart to make your hearts grow fonder.

On the other note, spend some time with your girlfriends too. Dress up and keep your husband updated about where you will be.

Communicate with each other.

Like constant intimacy, communicating with your husband is important too. Be open about your problems and the issues you face as a family. Talk to him. Let him know about your frustrations and resolve the matter together.

As mentioned, marriage requires effort. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. As years go by, it will no longer be as romantic and exciting as it used to be. But you can follow the tips we mentioned above to keep your husband madly in love with you.

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