Minimalist Living for Newlyweds

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Much has been said about minimalism as a way of life. Some called it the budget-friendly lifestyle. Others deemed it as the purified form of living. At its core, it’s the style of freedom and practicality.

Promoting the concept that less is more, minimalist living has grown in popularity in recent years. It drove people straight into the comfort of tiny homes. It made decluttering a normal part of house chores. And, finally, it pushed many to throw away any excess and live only by necessity.

With all these characteristics combined, it’s no surprise that minimalist living is gaining traction among newlywed couples. After all, it’s the perfect lifestyle choice for people who are yet to afford grandness and complexity in their day-to-day lives. If you just recently tied the knot, chances are you’re planning to join the minimalist trend as well. But are you and your partner ready to embrace this form of simplistic living?

Why Is Minimalism the Ideal Lifestyle for Newlyweds?


Fit for couples who are yet to grow their savings

Minimalism is essentially about living by necessity. Consequently, this results in a low-consumption lifestyle. Such a setup is perfect for newlyweds who are yet to grow their savings for a convenient family life ahead.

Space won’t be a problem, perfect for busy couples

Since minimalism is characterized by extreme simplicity, the same allows you to maximize available space in your home. You won’t have to worry about wild decors interfering with your movements. This, in turn, promises enhanced comfort and improved productivity, which is ideal for young professionals who are at the dawn of their careers.

Easier to clean, fewer worries

Minimalism lets you embrace the beauty of spareness and simplicity. Naturally, this means there is less stuff you need to take good care of at home. This leaves you with fewer things to worry about. As a bonus, you can reserve your extra time enjoying the bliss and sweetness of your newly married life without the stress of a messy home.

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How to prepare your house for a minimalist life


Declutter and keep only what’s necessary

You cannot fully embrace minimalist living without decluttering. This involves saying goodbye to things that you can live without. As a general rule of thumb, keep only what’s necessary for your home. You can distinguish what’s important from what’s not by answering these two guide questions:

  • Do you need it?
  • When was the last time you used it?

The first question is quite tricky. But you can come up with the right answer by creating possible scenarios. Imagine if you lost the item you’re keeping. Can you use another material as its substitute? Can you easily borrow or find a replacement for that specific item? If your answer to both questions is YES, then you don’t need it.

As for the second question, your course of action will depend on your answer. If it’s been six months since you last used the item, then that’s a clear indication it’s time to let it go. If you occasionally use it for holidays and celebrations, keep the item in other places, such as custom sheds or storage buildings. Don’t stack them in your home.

Save space with multifunctional furniture

Minimalist homes leave enough empty spaces for you to breathe. Naturally, you can’t achieve a minimalist setup with lots of things lying around your home. To avoid crowding your home with too many materials, you should invest in multifunctional furniture.

Among your best bets available in the market include adjustable sleeper chairs, floating shelves, and storage stools. Other options include a staircase with built-in storage and bookshelves with attached tables.

Keep your walls bare with neutral paints

Bare walls are among the common signs of minimalist homes. These features create a clean and tranquil environment. If you have paintings or framed pictures hanging around, the better option is to take them out and sell them.

Neutral colors should also win over vibrant paints. You can settle for a pure white, a nostalgic beige, or a cool shade of taupe for your interior. You can dress your walls with two to three indoor potted plants. Add a tiny chair, preferably made of natural wood. All these combined will provide a simplistic, zen-like vibe that is pleasant to the eye and good for the heart.

What now?

Ready to start your new chapter in life? Cut the costs and embrace a home filled with simplicity, comfort, and freedom. Prepare yourself for a minimalist life ahead.

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