Decorating the Home as Newlyweds: How to Get Things Done

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Moving in together as a newly married couple can be fun but a bit daunting too. The work is even harder if you just bought the house. Nonetheless, decorating and making changes in the interior should be on top of your to-do list. Before jumping out of excitement, know that this work can be financially, physically, and emotionally taxing.

For example, you have a budget ready, and both of you are fit and active individuals. This kind of project can cause arguments or disagreements if you’re not careful. It’s a personal project, so the emotional stakes are high. For such reason, it pays not to lose focus on your relationship when decorating the house of your dreams. After all, you just got married! Find out below how you can keep your cool when decorating the space with your husband.

Know when to compromise

Like a relationship, decorating a home is all about learning to compromise. Remember that you’re working with your significant other, and it’s unfair that your living space’s decoration is all about you. This is not a competition rather a team project, which means you need to meet in the middle. It will help if you both sit down and reassess your decorating needs together. Talk about the things important for the both of you and let go of those that are not. Create your wish lists and see what compromises you should make. Offering flexibility to your partner will surely be appreciated, and most likely, be responded to appropriately.

Swap your priority lists

The next step is to flesh out your wish lists for more ideas and then do a list swap. Clinical sexologists claim that this exercise can help couples find more places to agree and compromise. Exchange lists with your significant other and point out similar things that you have. You can circle things that you can compromise on too. As for items you disagree on, cross them out of your lists. After that, discuss with your partner what items they prioritize. You can build more empathy by understanding the reason behind your preferences. Plus, this can even result in a more rewarding home decorating experience.

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Have the money talk

Budgeting is not always a fun topic to talk about, but it plays a major role in your relationship as a married couple. It’s a necessity for family life. Know that decorating an entire house is not cheap. Moreover, it’s not smart to throw all your hard-earned savings into this home improvement project. Aside from the decors, consider the other household items you need, including appliances, furniture, and utilities. It’s better to prioritize these things first before creating a budget for decorating. Prioritize comfort and functionality over aesthetics. Nonetheless, it’s a rule of thumb to stick to the budget and avoid buying what you can’t afford.

Enlist a qualified contractor

Decorating the home is a personal venture. However, if you simply can’t put too much time and effort into the work, hiring a contractor to take over can free you from the hassle. Plus, it’s a smart way to save money from buying items or furnishing that don’t fit your home. Have a conversation with an interior designer or architect to assess everything you need for the home. They can help you make major design decisions and determine if there’s a need for some renovations. This is usually a must if you’ll be living in an old house. For this, hire only contractors with CSCS cards. This qualification confirms that they are skilled workers who can meet health and safety standards for home improvement or remodeling projects.

Shop together

Before buying your decors or furnishings, it’s better to spend some time window shopping first. Visit multiple stores with your partner and express your comments. Doing so can help you and your significant other have more ideas and inspirations on creating your own home. List down prices of items in your inventory list. If you’re on a limited budget, try to find cheaper alternatives that don’t compromise quality and aesthetics. Only then can you start shopping for your home decor and accessories. This is a great bonding exercise for both of you. Plus, you get to learn more about each other’s style, tastes, and likes or dislikes.

Decorating the home as a newlywed couple can provide you with a collaborative, memorable, and positive experience. Not only do you get to make the space your own, but you also get to work and make choices together. Slipping into married life and producing a home that speaks for the both of you are definitely worth the money, time, and sweat.

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