The Ultimate Newlyweds’ Guide to Decorating Their First Home

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Marriage is an exciting part of one’s life, and moving in with your spouse can be a great first leap towards a lifetime together. This doesn’t mean the process of moving in and designing your first house will be a walk in the park, though. So to give you a bit of perspective on how to handle road bumps, here are some things to consider.

Quit Thinking About Always Getting Your Way

If you and your partner cannot agree on some design matters, then take turns when deciding which larger furniture you want to get for your new home. This way, you can reach a compromise; you won’t like everything your partner chooses, but there will be parts of the house you’ll absolutely love. Besides, think of this as a perk that will improve the overall design of your home. A monotonous house with an overly holistic design pales in comparison to a unique house filled with interestingly mixed and matched items.

A Good Place to Start

Your bedroom is where you’ll spend much of your time at home, so it’s a good idea to start there. If you are on a tight budget, forego the bigger pieces for now and begin with linens and bedding -but try not to cheap out on thread count. When it comes to comfort, thread count can really make or break your sleep quality, so you’d want to spend a bit more on this area. Next on your list should be to paint the walls. Choose paint that complements your bedding, and make sure to get a test strip to see how your color choice looks at home before you buy buckets of paint. Lastly, if you decide to take out a bit more from your budget, go ahead and get yourselves your dream bed. Make sure to think it through carefully, for you’d want a bed that you are comfortable in and one that can last you for many years.

Your Date Night Can Also Spark Inspiration

An enjoyable activity for both of you is to actually shop together for items around the house. Not only can you make it into a fun date, but you’ll also be able to get inspiration for your home from various places like an antique store or art gallery. This way, you’re more likely to agree on a style as you both get inspired in the places you go to.

Hold Your Horses!

Keep yourself from buying the expensive wares too soon in your new home. Try to live in it for a few months before deciding on large or expensive pieces. Make a feel for your home; observe how you use your space and how you want it to be in the long term. Then after a few months of ruminating, perhaps an expensive renovation you were supposed to do on your kitchen wouldn’t have to be as pricey anymore. Or you could discover that other parts of the home need more attention than what you initially thought. Whatever the case, try to avoid any reckless expenses at the beginning and just let the idea sit and simmer so you can make a wiser decision financially.

You Don’t Have to Overspend 

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You don’t have to buy everything brand new, and you can upcycle a lot of things in your house as long as you keep patient and tap into your creative side. For example, consider repainting and replacing the hardware instead of tearing down an entire kitchen to build a brand-new one.

Being that you’re newlyweds, it’s important to remember that you should put your money in better areas: something like a business or an investment. Alongside your efforts to decorate, you should consider starting a franchise or business. If you wish to start a tech franchise, you should look into the battery and lighting franchise start-up costs to evaluate the potential return on investment. Or, you can begin investing in real estate. Start early in your married life, and you’ll thank yourself when you eventually have kids.

Don’t Forget What’s Truly Important

In the middle of all the exciting things in your life, don’t forget the most important: that you love, marry, and choose to be with your partner. Keep this in mind whenever there are disagreements, whether it’s about their extensive vinyl record collection that you don’t want to eat up half the living room space or the fact that their favorite color is your least favorite. Reminding yourself on what matters most in your house will allow you to design more effectively and guide you in keeping your relationship better in the long run.

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