Post-wedding Planning: A Practical Checklist for Every Newlywed

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The big day has finally arrived. It’s perhaps the most beautiful day in your life, and your equally beautiful partner is with you. You might be in a church or a city hall; regardless, the moment is special to everyone present. You and your partner say your vows and then celebrate the union, and that’s it, right?


Now comes the tricky part of every newlywed experience: the paperwork. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you sort that out. Below are some practical tips to better manage your newlywed requirements.

Secure Your Marriage Certificate

Nobody likes dealing with red tape, but this is something every newlywed must accomplish: secure their marriage certificate. Different states usually require other things from couples. You might have gone to your City Hall to get a marriage license for the wedding, but all the relevant figures must sign the license to get your marriage certificate. This includes you and your spouse, the witnesses of the ceremony, and of course, the wedding officiant. You must then return this as soon as your ceremony is over to make sure you’re not hitting any deadlines.

Go About Your Name Change

If you or your spouse has decided to change your name, you will need to update a lot of your paperwork. From your Social Security card, driver’s license, and other IDs, you have to make sure that they all match and are using your correct, updated name. Don’t forget to update other necessary documentation, such as your bank, utilities, and employer.

Check Your Other Documents

Get ready for more paperwork because there’s definitely more. Make sure all your paperwork is updated to reflect the change in status. You also want to inform your banks about this change. If you’re moving into the other’s house, you might want to update the ownership status as well. There’s a myriad of paperwork to be done after a wedding, which can take out the romance, but doing them early on means you won’t be hassled by them later down the line.

Rentals Returned, Wedding Dress Stored

Being that your wedding clothes are sentimental and valuable, you might want to take extra care of them, especially if you want your children to inherit your wedding clothes. You don’t want the clothes getting dirty or destroyed, so make sure that your wedding attire is sent to a professional cleaning after its use. And you have to find a specifically skilled dry cleaner, as wedding gowns or even suits are often handled differently since they have a wide variety of fragile fabrics and delicate linens. Preserving your wedding clothes can be pretty expensive. However, if you find the sentimental value priceless, then the price should be of no issue.

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Talk About Your Tax Options

Again, different locations often have different rules, and the same applies to tax regulations. Because you got married, you will have to update your taxes as well. Discuss with your partner whether you want to pay your taxes together or separately. You might experience a big tax break or a significantly higher tax refund if you file your taxes jointly, but of course, since it’s a financial decision, make sure to go over it with your partner first.

Sort Out Your Finances Early On

Many couples end up arguing (or even separating!) simply because of financial disagreements. Make sure to get this out of the way early on by discussing your finances. Decide whether the both of you are going to handle separate accounts or you’re going to create a joint one. You also need to establish a financial goal for both of you and sort out any loans, mortgages, or insurance. Talk to your lender or insurance agents to make sure everything is updated, and there won’t be any confusion about the change in marital status.

Discuss Your Future Plans

Now that you are married and living together under one roof, you’d have plenty of time to talk about the life ahead of you. After months of being busy and especially after a night centered towards you and your spouse, you might experience what is called the “wedding withdrawal” and feel empty or bored after your wedding. Don’t try to escape the quiet feeling, but instead learn to be comfortable with each other’s silence. It’s during this time that you can talk about what you want to do together.

Don’t let the thought of paperwork scare you. After completing this, you can focus on raising your family with your partner. The important thing is that you get the hassle out of the way not to hound you later.

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