Happily Ever After: Secrets to a Fruitful Married Life


Although you and your partner may have been in a relationship for years before walking down the aisle, marriage life is still vastly different from a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Marriage is the chapter of your life where both parties must decide everything that encompasses finances, homelife, and relationship together.

Communication and maintaining connection become more vital in married life. Still, even though these things are keys to a harmonious relationship, they are also one of the first things to fade away. Constant effort is essential in maintaining a fruitful relationship. To ensure that the spark will last throughout a lifetime, you must actively show your partner love, care, and appreciation, as said in your vows. Even though you’d be together most of the time, there are still numerous ways for you to make every day as special as your first day in a relationship. With the activities below, you can fill your married life with valuable experiences and memories.

Go on Trips

Exploring places lets you and your partner take a break from your usual routines. Immersing yourselves in new situations and different cultures also enables you to see each other in a new light. Marriage life is long, so it’s better to discover more things about your significant other and keep your love for them growing as the years pass by.

Help in Causes

Albeit your partner should be your priority, it can also help to have a bigger common goal than your union. Assisting in different causes is an extraordinary chance, especially if you work your main jobs in separate fields. Taking part in community efforts, such as helping the less fortunate and devoting some of your time and a portion of your finances to charities, will help both you and your loved one adopt a more profound meaning of life.

Be Healthy Together

Some say that eternity is not enough time to spend with the love of their life, but you can make the best out of this lifetime with your better half by aiming to live as long as possible. To spend more time with your spouse, leading a healthy lifestyle is necessary. To make it fun, you can pursue fitness not only as a healthy activity but also as a way to boost your career. For instance, you can enroll in an AFAA CEU program, teach other couples, and promote your fitness classes. Eating nutritious food is also a given in your journey to health, and you can do this by incorporating more greens and fruits into your meals.

living a married life

Go on Dates

Albeit you’re past the giddy, butterflies-in-your-stomach phase of dating, you can still be romantic and intimate in your married life. Making every day a celebration of your love can have a literal meaning. Dates should not only be for special occasions. It can also be a delightful way to surprise your partner so that you can show them your love and appreciation even in times when they don’t feel confident in their skin.

Offer Comfort and Solution

Staying connected emotionally to your partner is crucial in marriage. To properly convey emotions, you need to build strong communication. With plenty of things to do around the house, not to mention the time eaten by your careers, it’s not easy to find the right moment to talk deeply about your feelings, which can lead to a lack of communication, misunderstanding, and eventually arguments.

Most couples grow through marital disputes; it’s one of the inevitable negatives in a relationship. Considering that there’s no solid solution to altogether banishing arguments, you must muster ample amounts of logic while staying in touch emotionally not to let anger get the best of you. During fights, it’s best to offer comfort and solutions for you to emerge through every problem stronger than ever.

Form a Book Club

Marriage life entails that you’re going to live most of your life with another person. It’s a given that love is present once you have exchanged ‘I dos’ at the altar, but if you haven’t lived together before tying down the knot, cohabitation can present challenges. To understand your partner better, besides communicating, you can also try to look at things from their point of view by reading some titles they like. You can establish a two-person book club and have each other exchange books and discuss it weekly as a practice to further improve your communication.

Divide Chores

Running a household is probably one of the most formidable difficulties of married life. Apart from paying the bills, it also involves physical labor, such as cleaning, getting groceries, laundering, and washing the dishes. House chores aren’t solely for one person, so divvying up tasks is the best method to prevent altercations. Alternating chores is also an excellent way of helping each other become well versed in the different areas of household management.

Love is the foundation of marriage, but it alone cannot support the whole union. With an exceptional understanding of your spouse and excellent communication, you can take marriage life in stride.

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