Dear New Homeowners, Please Don’t Abuse The Bathroom!

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While the Covid-19 global pandemic had us scratching our heads and stuck at home for the majority of 2021, we can at least find some reassurance with the fact that we’ve acclimated to the homebody lifestyle and have learned many ways of keeping ourselves entertained and productive. In fact, some would even argue that they’re getting more out of their homes because they’re using every inch of the property to have fun, get work done, or even drive its value higher amid this bullish real estate market.

However, if there’s one issue with people staying at home, it’s the lackluster effort toward home maintenance, and while there are some exceptions, most of us are slacking on our chores and responsibilities. What’s worse, it’s the bathroom that’s being dealt the short end of the bargain, and because it’s the one room we will undoubtedly use every single day, it’s about time we learned how to keep it looking fresh and new for much longer.

Water’s Good For You, But Moisture Is Another Thing

We understand the need to run lukewarm water through your hair, face, and body after one stressful day; it just has a way of untying those knots and preparing yourself for a good night’s rest. However, while the water may be good for you, not cleaning up and drying the bathroom afterward is an issue that can bring upon unprecedented problems in the long term. And that’s because moisture is the number one enemy every household has to butt heads with.

  • Water Damage, Mold Growth, And Bacteria: Firstly, leaving moisture and humidity levels at a high puts your bathroom at risk of suffering from water damage, meaning that all the furniture and fixtures you’ve spent so much to acquire will have their useful life dwindling. In addition to this, very humid and moist environments also lead to mold growth and a breeding ground for bacteria, putting your personal health at risk in the process.
  • Creating A Suitable Environment For Pests: Secondly, another huge issue associated with too high moisture levels is that this creates the most suitable environment for pests. And unless you do something about it now, you’ll need to call professional exterminator services to deal with the silverfish, centipede, and even cockroaches that will be running amok inside your bathroom and right underneath your nose.

Clogged Drains And Their “Easy” Fixes

Much like everyone else, we’re no stranger to taking the easy way out, not just for efficiency’s sake but also for the cost savings that come with it. However, when we put things into the context of bathroom maintenance, especially clogged drains, those “easy” fixes are actually easy ways of devaluing and damaging your bathroom in the long term.

  • Chemical Drain Cleaners Is By No Means Safe: Chemical drain cleaners have become a staple for bathroom cleaning responsibilities and maintenance. While they do work quite well, these products are very unsafe to use. For example, accidentally dropping some on your skin might cause burns depending on the ingredients, and it can also damage the pipes and causing them to corrode much faster than expected.
  • Fur Parents Need To Keep Their Beloveds In Check: We love pets, and they’ve been a huge help for many of us who needed companionship during the lockdowns; however, grooming your pet at home is a whole other battlefield. Sure, our hair fall is a common culprit to clogging drains, but you’ll be surprised to find out that your dog might be shedding a lot more fur every time you give them a bath in the shower or tub.

Keep Your Belongings In Order At All Times

Although keeping your bathroom belongings and shower items might feel like the least of your troubles when it comes to keeping the bathroom itself in perfect condition, it never hurts to have a little order and consistency. Plus, you’ll find the room a lot safer and more comfortable to use, which makes it more encouraging to invest and clean the place up regularly as well.

  • Install Extra Cabinets: Many modern bathrooms have taken a minimalist approach to design, and while that does wonders for visual appeal, it’s not always the best option from a functional perspective. So, if you ever find yourself short on storage and organization space, don’t forget that installing extra cabinets is a welcome addition you can pursue.

Bathrooms Are Your Safe Space, So Keep It That Way!

In conclusion, there are many ways we’re mistreating our bathroom, and because it’s an important safe space in our homes, we should try our best to fix it up instead of devaluing it. So, double-check on the common bathroom issues we’ve mentioned above, and feel free to experiment with fixes that fit your needs as well.

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