Private Proposals: 6 Steps to Follow to Guarantee That Perfect Moment

proposing to a woman

Proposing is a daunting prospect, regardless of your age and gender. Even when neither you nor your partner is big on crowds and fancy surprises, it can still be quite nerve-racking to propose marriage. Popping the question in private can still be challenging, after all. What if they don’t turn up due to an emergency? What if the ring doesn’t fit? Should you kneel? Women who plan to propose to encounter even more obstacles due to a possible lack of guidance and information.

If you’re keen on making your private proposal meaningful and successful, clear your mind and focus on these six details first. Once you’ve taken care of these, the rest will follow more smoothly, and you’ll be confident knowing that you’ve already taken care of the important parts.

Secure the Ideal Ring

The one thing you cannot afford to get wrong in a marriage proposal is the ring. It may not be your partner’s favorite accessory, or they may have mentioned before that they don’t care much about the material things in a proposal. Still, it’s the thought that counts and nothing signifies that better during a proposal than the ideal engagement ring.

One way you can move past the traditional diamonds and pricey silver bands is to get custom-designed engagement rings. Customizing it increases its significance for you and your partner. Also, there’s no doubt that they’ll appreciate you better for the effort you put into selecting its design, color, and maybe even its inscription if you’ll have one done.

Indoors or Outdoors?

This is basic, but it’s integral that you decide on this at once. Proposing indoors could mean that you’ll have to invest in decor or come up with a backup plan if the restaurant you’re eyeing is suddenly unavailable. Proposing outdoors, on the other hand, means that you’ll have to be vigilant about weather updates. If you go for a beach or garden setting, there’s little investment involved in terms of decor. Weigh your options based on your partner’s preferences and the costs you’ll have to shoulder. The more thought you put into this, the less frustrating it’ll be to pick out the details.

Inform Loved Ones

Your marriage proposal won’t impact just you and your partner. It’s a meaningful event even to your family and friends. This makes it crucial that you inform your loved ones ahead of time, first to get their approval (because it always helps to get their support, although circumstances vary), and second to arrange a small celebration afterward. This celebration could happen right after your private proposal, or in the weeks that follow. Just make sure that the significant people in your lives find out through you before any social media posts are made.


Capture the Moment

You’ll want to immortalize this happy moment by capturing it in photos or video. The way to do it when planning a private proposal is to strategize well with your photographer or videographer. You have to choose the exact spot beforehand, and they need to be near enough to capture quality photos or footage, but far enough to avoid detection. It’s a tricky scenario, but it’s been done before. The key is to hire professionals with experience and to choose a strategic location. The rest is all about execution.

Keep It a Surprise

There are people who don’t like surprises, but can you imagine a proposal that’s been thoroughly planned by you and your partner? Even hinting about it before the big event can rob the moment of its magic. If you want to keep it as raw and special as possible, do your best to sustain the element of surprise.

Get Them Dressed Up

There are people who don’t mind being proposed to while they’re in their pajamas. Unfortunately, there are a lot more people who prefer to be in their best attire when someone kneels before them with a ring.

This is where a lot of people fail to keep the element of surprise, so you can either use a faux event as a cover-up, or you can enlist the help of people who can get your partner out of their sweatpants. They don’t always have to be dolled up and in gowns or tuxes. Just make sure that they’re presentable enough that they won’t regret what they’re wearing once they see the engagement footage.

It’s Pretty Special

There’s something uniquely special about private proposals. Even if it does rain on that day or you fail to keep it a surprise, nothing can diminish the joy of getting that sweet yes from the love of your life. Everything else is an add-on that makes your special moment so much better.

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