The Essentials for Home Design This Year

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The demand for homes has increased throughout the years. Even now, during the pandemic, people are looking to purchase a home or build one. It’s an essential need that people will always strive for more regardless of the circumstances brought to us by nature. But it’s hard to ignore that these circumstances have certainly changed the way people design their homes.

The main choice you have right now is between purchasing or building a home. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Building or Purchasing?

Home prices have increased by a staggering 14% this year, the highest rate for the last few years. But many experts believe that it has reached its peak, at least for the coming years. There is even a chance that it might decrease the moment the pandemic has been taken care of, but no one really knows when that would happen.

Experts believe that purchasing an old home and flipping it is a wiser decision. Old homes are much cheaper and more versatile when compared to today’s modern homes. The design of old homes is also much easier to work upon. However, if you truly want to put the destiny of your home design in your hands, it’s better to build it from the ground up.

Foundation of Your Home

The foundation of your home is essential. It will determine how your home will fare against natural disasters and how long it will last in the future.

If you’re planning to build your home from the ground up, then you have options in the foundation of your home. A good excavation company can certainly bring more into the foundation of your home, making it resilient against many natural disasters. However, if you can’t really change your home’s foundation because you’ve purchased it, then it’s better to improve upon it.

There are many options for improving your home’s foundations. Adding more support beams can certainly help with that. Fixing load-bearing walls can also increase the stability of your home. Finally, the transition to support beams can help you change your floor plan to a more open one. It’s frequently the most chosen design, given that the pandemic requires us to have more space in our home.

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Open Floor Plan

Right now, open floor plans are getting all the craze because of the space it brings your home and its luxurious look.

We all know of the pain of strict quarantine protocols. Families are forced to stay in their homes, and despite American homes being one of the largest, the space inside homes is severely limited due to separation walls.

Separation walls can be found everywhere, even in social areas like the dining room and living room. This has led to a more private life inside homes but at the cost of space.

If you want more space in your home, then consider taking down a few of those separation walls to link rooms together. However, you should be careful around load-bearing walls. If you don’t which walls are load-bearing, consider hiring a contractor to do the floor plan instead. They are more knowledgeable about these things, and they will surely avoid any foundational damage to your homes.

Multi-Use Spaces

Now that open floor plans are more common, multi-use spaces rose alongside the trend as well. A living room can now function as a dining room in most homes. Offices can be found in greenhouses, and attics are now makeshift gyms.

These multi-use spaces are great because they offer a lot of versatility and utility in your home. Now that the pandemic forces us to stay inside our homes, it’s a smart choice for us to design our rooms in a way that will benefit us. It also cheapens our utility fees since we no longer need to purchase a gym membership or rent an office space.

More Indoor Plants

Lastly, indoor plants are now found in most homes because they bring beauty, cleanliness, and fresh air to their inhabitants. Some plants such as a miniature rubber tree and aloe vera not only look good but also freshen the air in your home.

Choose the right indoor plants that fit right into your home. Take them out when they get a little bit faded and water them only occasionally. If they do wilt and die, that’s normal! Get a new one and try again. That’s the cycle of life for these plants.

The design of our homes plays a big role in how we live our lives. It will determine our lifestyle and how we take care of ourselves. So try these new trends out and see if they can add a new flavor into your life.

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