Bedroom Styling Tips for Newlyweds

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Your bedroom is the place to rest and a safe space if you want to be left alone with your thoughts. You have the bed, television, bookshelf, and other personal effects that make the bedroom you. But now that you’re married, it should contain the personal effects of your spouse because you now share the bedroom with them. Fret not because we’re here to change that. One way to make your bedroom spouse-approved is by redesigning it. Here are tips on how to redesign your bedroom:

Ditch the Furniture and Items You Don’t Need

First and foremost, you should ditch the furniture and bedroom items that you don’t need because they only add clutter and take up space in your bedroom. Make two piles where one pile is where you put things that you still need while the other is for the things you need to throw away. Use a trash bag for the things you need to throw away and organize the ones you still need. Sort the items under the same category and place them in one basket.

You should consider a piece of furniture’s functionality if you plan to buy a new one—one that you and your spouse can often use. When it comes to your other belongings, you can use one side of the shelf for your stuff and the other theirs. It’s easier to locate your things if they are separated. Put them in baskets or organizers with labels. Again, you just threw furniture and things you don’t need—don’t add another item that will eventually become bedroom clutter.

Change Your Bedding

Bedding can also affect the overall look of the bedroom. Change and wash your bedding every two weeks and replace them with new ones. Unchanged bedding can disrupt your sleep, and it can invite dust mites. The new ones should help you sleep better, and their patterns are entirely up to you. You’ll sleep better if you like the bedding that you sleep on.

Declutter Your Closet

Like your bedroom, your closet should also be decluttered. Throw away your shoes and clothes that you don’t need anymore. Or better yet, you can donate those that can still be worn at shelters. If you have enough budget, you can also redesign your closet for a new look. Look for a closet design franchise that can redesign your closet.

Upgrade the Lighting in Your Room

Lighting can also affect the ambiance of your room. Invest in decorative accent and general lighting—whether warm or cool lighting. Once you’ve chosen your decorative lighting, consider using LED light bulbs as they are better than incandescent ones. Add lighting in spaces where you or your spouse spends the most time reading or working.

Use Wallpapers

Wallpapers add life to your bedroom. They are also used to conceal wall inconsistencies such as chipped paint and uneven surfaces. You should consult with your spouse about which wallpaper pattern is good for the bedroom. The wallpaper should match the room’s motif because your wallpaper might stand out like a sore thumb if not properly coordinated with the rest of the room. Install the wallpapers with the help of your spouse.

Add Plants

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Plants can make us relax and help us focus more. Add plants in your bedroom to have a semblance of nature in your bedroom. However, you should see to it that they receive their daily sunlight and water to keep them alive. Move them to a space with natural lighting, so they can thrive despite being indoors.

Sharing a room with your spouse can be a challenging yet exciting experience because it’s not just you anymore—you have to consider their suggestions because you are a team. The decisions one makes can affect the other, so consideration is pertinent for marriage to work. For example, the bedroom is your personal space. It’s important to hear their thoughts and suggestions about what it should look like since you share the space. They should also be comfortable in the room that they sleep in.

It’s tough being newly-weds because you might have been used to running errands alone, cooking alone, and shopping for groceries alone. Suddenly, you have a best friend that’s willing to go anywhere with you or do anything for you 24/7. It feels foreign for you, especially if you didn’t live in the same house before you were married, because you were used to having your own space. But now, you’re learning how to compromise—starting with how your bedroom should look like.

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