Gleaming Bridal Smile: How to Achieve a Beautiful Smile for Brides

bridal smile

Weddings are bound to be full of beautiful moments that all guests will remember and cherish for a long time. Weddings are why most brides aim to make everything perfect—from the event settings, the progression of the ceremony, and the overall aesthetic of the wedding. But most of all, the bride will want to look her best throughout the ceremony. As the bride, you will be the center of attention of the entire celebration. Everyone will be looking at you. You have to show your beautiful smile to everyone to let them know that you are the happiest person on that day.

But many women are not confident about their smiles. Most of the American population is self-conscious about their teeth and smiles. This worry worsens women, especially when they feel anxious that people scrutinize every flaw in their body at significant events like a wedding. With that in mind, these steps can help you develop a gleaming smile that everyone will adore on your wedding day.

Visit the Dentist

If you’re concerned with your teeth’s condition, you should consider going to your local dental clinic for a consultation. Your dentist can help assess what procedures they can do to make your smile perfect. Some people only need minor cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, which the dentist can do in the clinic or at home by yourself, depending on what your dentist prescribes.

Others will need to have more effective procedures done to them, like teeth alignment. Some damage from misaligned teeth can be fixed with bonding, attaching veneers, or installing dental implants. Depending on how much time you have before your wedding day, you can choose from these quick and instant fixes or longer-lasting dental procedures.

Choose the Right Makeup

This is a kind of hack that many women swear by. Choosing the right color of makeup to put on your face can make your teeth look whiter—thus, more beautiful. Your lipstick color should lean more toward true reds or ones with blue undertones. Try to avoid those that lean toward yellow, as these can make your teeth look even more yellow and stained. Pink blushes can also give the same whitening effect when placed on your cheekbones, but it may be best to choose one that complements your skin tone.

Practice in Front of the Mirror

smiling at the mirror

Your smile is still a result of making your facial muscles work a certain way so training these muscles every day to hold a smile that you like can give you a gleaming look on your wedding day. Try smiling in front of the mirror and repeating the kind of smile that you enjoy every day. By doing this, you are conditioning yourself to make that confident grin your default smile, making it easier to pose while you have your pictures taken. But finding the right smile should also be a priority. Try to aim for a more natural smile, as you can quickly look odd once you start forcing it.

Smize Effortlessly

Tyra Banks invented “smizing,” which means smiling with your eyes without having to smile with your lips. If you are not the kind of person who smiles often and doesn’t want to look like someone forced you to smile on your big day, smizing may be for you. This involves a lot of brow control, arching them up to give that happy look, and some subtle eye-squinting, head-angling, and lip-pursing. Practice, once again, is a must.


Your dental hygiene, of course, will affect the appearance of your smile. Having good hygiene will help prevent yellowing and staining and protect your teeth from other damages. Brushing at least twice a day, flossing regularly, and visiting the dentist for dental checkups at least every six months promotes good care for your teeth.

The food and drinks that you eat can also affect your teeth. Sugary treats, acidic foods, hard and solid foods, and beverages other than water can put a strain on your teeth. These foods can cause damages, cavities, and discoloration, so try to avoid them. Additionally, avoid smoking as it can stain the teeth and cause yellowing.

These tips should help you become more confident in your smile. Photos from your wedding day will be filled with your gleaming face and many happy memories. But even after your big day, you can still hold on to your newfound confidence. Whether you are attending an event or just doing your routine day-to-day work, you can rest assured that your bright smile will always be there to make you as beautiful as you can be.

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