Senior Care: How We Can Help Our Parents When They Need Us

family with elderly parents

Many people tend to lose time as they grow mature and start to take responsibility. Everybody admits that being busy with so many things can make them forget about their parents’ welfare. Some people are so busy that they do not even call or write, while others have settled down with their spouses and left town.

However, we cannot blame them. Some people have their families to attend to, and making time for their parents is the last thing that comes to mind. Others might be too far away, and who knows what their situation is? They can be in a remote place, so they cannot reach out to anybody.

But what if our parents need help? What if they are already aging and not able to take care of each other? Some people let their parents stay at home care institutions that provide the utmost care for the elderly. They help seniors feel like they are home. On the other hand, some people hire someone to take care of their parents at home.

Here are other ways to support your aging parents and make them feel secured.

Keep Your Communication Open All the Time

The first thing you should remember is to open their communication with your parents. Family communication is essential to everybody as it strengthens relationships. It also creates a strong feeling of security that motivates people to do more. Communication to parents also helps them reach out to their loved ones when they need help.

Anxiety nowadays could be one threat to everyone—especially parents who worry about their children. Communication eliminates the feeling of anxiety from parents. The simple way of hearing their children’s voices reduces their worry and keeps them from stress.

The best way is to provide parents with simple and easy access to communication. Technology is continuously developing, and it is easy for parents to be on the trend. Who does not use a cellphone these days? Everybody’s custom is to look at their cellphones every 3 minutes to check who texted or called.

Everybody knows that aging parents may not be able to understand new technology. But you could teach your parents how to use a typical cellphone or browse the internet. You can explain to your parents that it is for emergencies. There are simple phones available in the market, and your old folks will surely appreciate it if you give them new stuff.

Be Sure That Your Parents’ Home is Far from Accident-prone Materials

Most individuals do not live with their old parents anymore. But they may secure the safety of their parents at least once in a while. People would only need to make sure that their old folks are safe. Based on a report given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people aged 65 years old and above are likely to fall. They may have instances that they trip on wires or stumble down while taking the stairs. These facts about falling are likely to happen, especially when aging parents are left alone at home. The accident of falling can also be experienced while elderly parents are walking on flat surfaces or standing up.

The best way to secure parents’ safety is to keep wires in concealed walls. You may also remove any movable carpets that could cause slipping on the floor. You may also add more lighting at home, especially in dark hallways, to avoid any bumps.

Another way to keep old parents safe is to place a note with large fonts on critical areas. A sample letter to turn off the gas after cooking will make a big difference for old parents. These notes would remind elderly parents to avoid any accidents.

Consider Your Parents’ Needs and Provide Them With Easy Access

Some elderly parents have medical conditions that they need to attend to. These are conditions that require medical attention from time to time. People who are aware of their parents’ conditions should help them prepare medication.

One example is parents who have asthma. Asthmatic elderly parents need nebulizers in case they find it difficult to breathe. They need easy access to reach the device in case the need arises.

You could help your parents by setting up a plan at home. People can tell their parents where to locate all their medical needs. You can also place a medicine cabinet or a shelf in a common area that is easy to reach from anywhere.


There are many ways to help your parents when they are in need. But some support does not need medical attention or a lot of effort. A simple call to check on your parents will do the job. Some aging parents need attention and enjoy others’ company. So no matter how busy you are, find time to communicate with your parents and make them feel that they are important.

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