Household Essentials Newly Married Couples Must Have

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If you have just got married, there must be a hundred things on your mind, like there must be butterflies fluttering in your stomach or a feeling of accomplishment. It differs from person to person. If you are moving into your spouse’s parental home, you have fewer things to worry about. Most of the things that you need after starting a new home are already present. However, things can be different if you are moving into a new home, as with many working couples.

You have to start from ground zero. That is where the challenge lies. You need to think of so many things, like covering a bare wall, filling empty spaces, installing fixtures, doing up the kitchen, and decorating your new home. Well, there is more.

Here you will know what to buy for your new home to accomplish the above. Read the checklist below to ascertain what you will need.


This place is the most important one. Imagine getting out of bed every morning and having to order from food delivery. After so much junk intake, during the wedding functions, you would not want this. Thus, be prepared beforehand with some basic kitchen equipment. They include toasters, a microwave, a hand blender, knives, spatulas, dishes, mittens, cooking pots, and a few basic spices. Keep your kitchen ready. You might need to pre-order some groceries the night before. So you can prepare that first breakfast for your spouse without any hindrance.

Bedroom and Bathroom

You need a mattress and a bed to start with. A cupboard is also a necessity. If you have a walking closet, you might want to decorate it later. For the time being, it can serve as your changing room. Remember to get the right mattress for your bed. A collection of bedsheets will not harm either. You might want to dress up the bed according to your changing moods. Matching pillow covers and upholstery, like curtains, are an excellent buy beforehand. You also need to get a doormat for your entryway. It is like a personal statement. They are an essential part of aesthetics. Choose solids or floral patterns, or graphics. It is your take. Buy some artificial flowers to adorn the interiors. You can spruce up your bedroom with beautiful artwork, too.

Coming to the bathroom, you should have adequate towels available. Moreover, don’t forget the mirror for your morning rituals. They are an absolute necessity. Additionally, you can also add a rug near the bathroom. It will protect the bedroom floor from water spillage. You can also consider keeping a few indoor plants for proper oxygenation. Besides helping with the ventilation, they will also absorb some odor.

Dining Room

You must have already got the dining table delivered. Now, it is time to keep some valuable objects that you will need. A few glasses, dishes, a table cloth, with matching mats, will be a good idea. Thus, when you are out shopping, remember to include these in your list. A bare table may not look that welcoming.

Drawing Room

Sofas make a living or drawing room cozy. Suppose you have already ordered one, good. If not, get a small set to start with. The leather sofas and the ones in the velvety finish are doing quite well. Newlyweds do have a lot of visitors. Hence, you would not want them to sit inside your bedroom or on the dining chairs. Also, buy customized upholstery to match the ambiance. Throw in a light, matching coffee table at the center, and you will be all set to welcome the guests.

General Purchases

first aid kit

After you buy the provisions for your rooms and daily utility, it is time for some general purchases. You can include a first aid kit in this. Today, no home is complete without a first-aid kit containing bandages, pain-relief ointment, cold packs, hot bags, soothing creams, and other medical emergency essentials. Add to it a well-stocked toolkit. It should have enough screwdrivers, hammers, nails, screws, measuring tapes, and wrenches. You never know which one comes in handy when something breaks or gets damaged.

Moreover, you can also add furniture, such as a cupboard. You will need to keep your belongings organized, and this is where the cabinet will prove to be priceless. You can also pick up a few new sets of clothing for your new home. Moreover, you might want something romantic for your honeymoon, too. For the rest, your old clothes may do just as fine.

Today, you can avail yourself of lightweight modular furniture as well. They are friendly on the pocket as well. Therefore, plan the wedding budget and the post-wedding budget accordingly. These buys are essential to start a new life. If you plan well and follow this, you may even save some for your honeymoon getaway to an exotic place.

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