Achieve straight teeth at home at your convenience and discretion

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A recent study showed that more than 70% of British adults feel self-conscious about showing their teeth when they smile for a photo. Most people suffer from a certain extent of misalignment of their teeth. Your teeth may be crooked, protruding, overlapping, overcrowded or gapped, and be it significantly noticeable or even very mild, it can affect the appearance of your mouth and your dental health.

If you find yourself suffering from any of these issues, then rest assured that you are not alone. Teeth straightening procedures are very commonly sought after by adults; however, due to the reluctance towards traditional orthodontic treatment, there is a demand for more discreet and convenient teeth straightening options. Thanks to the advances in dental technology, you can now achieve straight teeth at home London at your convenience and discretion. If this sounds like what you are looking for, then read on further.

Invisalign for straight teeth

Straight teeth at home can be achieved conveniently and discreetly with Invisalign’s clear braces. Invisalign is a modern and highly popular method for achieving straight teeth at home, which has received an excellent reception amongst dentists and patients alike. First established in 1999, over the last two decades Invisalign has helped treat millions of smiles across the world. To find out whether Invisalign can help you achieve the straight teeth that you want, you need to upload two photographs of your teeth and smile to your dentist. Your dentist will offer you a smile assessment and a free consultation to discuss how Invisalign may help you achieve the smile you are looking for in the comfort of your own home.

During your appointment, you will need to undergo an examination of your dental health to make sure that Invisalign is suitable for you. The process involves the movement of your teeth; therefore, it is important that you have healthy teeth and gums prior to beginning the treatment.

How to achieve straight teeth at home

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You will need to undergo a specialised iTero scanning of your teeth, which will create a 3-dimensional image of your mouth; this ensures precision and accuracy. Using Invisalign’s very own software, ClinCheck, the scan results can be manipulated to show how Invisalign can help change the position of your teeth until you have achieved the smile you are looking for.

If you are happy with the forecast of your teeth, then the scan results will be sent to the Invisalign laboratory for the manufacture of a series of thermoplastic aligners that will help you achieve straight teeth at home. These aligners will either be sent straight to your address, or you can visit your dentist for an initial fitting. Once you begin the process of straightening your teeth with Invisalign, your dentist can track your progress online through the use of an app. Therefore, you will not have to visit the dental clinic every four or six weeks, but instead, you can continue to enjoy your journey to achieving straight teeth at home.

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