Planning Your Honeymoon amid the Pandemic

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The pandemic has affected everything in our lives, not just weddings but the honeymoon as well. Couples are forced to adjust to the restrictions and the fluctuating guidelines in order to still celebrate like the good old days.

A lot of newlyweds have pushed off their honeymoon while many couples are wondering if it’s worth planning and going forward with it in the first place. It seems challenging and it might not even meet your lifelong expectations because of the ever-evolving regulations surrounding it.

The wedding industry has lost about a million ceremonies in the U.S. since the pandemic. A lot of them have been rescheduled for next year including honeymoons.

Many countries, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, are starting to open their borders and lessen their restrictions for fully-vaccinated tourists like Indonesia, Thailand, and the South Pacific Island of Fiji. It’s a very big win for those who wish to travel so you can have more destination options.

Whether you wish to go forward with domestic travel or are hesitant to take a trip internationally with the right planning and proper precautions, your honeymoon can be something that you’ve dreamt of even with how things are now. Here are some tips to help begin planning the pandemic honeymoon.

Research your destination

If you have a destination you’ve been eyeing, better research about it and see if they are accepting international tourists and find out what restrictions they have like a week of quarantine and other documents, and if you can follow them without fail.

Also, check the destination’s protocols and how well they’re handling the situation such as the use of face masks, social distancing, restricted social gatherings, and a required vaccination. You’d still want to prioritize your safety before having fun. Check the hotel’s refund policies and the places where you’ll need to pay in advance for recreational activities. Imagine the worst scenario, there’s a sudden hike with positive cases, and they cancel your booking last minute, you’d definitely want your money back.

Stay up-to-date with current restrictions

Restrictions change a lot of times since many countries are still not able to handle their situations well. A good example would be Bali’s postponed their opening for tourists last September 2021 after an uptick of their positive cases.

Consult with a travel advisor

A travel agent can tell you everything you need to know before you plan to fly to a destination. With new rules and restrictions changing every week or so, it is a bit confusing to rely on just the internet. Hiring a travel advisor would give you the assurance and the guide you would need. They can also give you tips on where’s the best place to go to and recommend activities that you might enjoy.

Purchase a travel insurance

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If you plan to travel, it is advised to buy insurance to keep you financially protected from any possible accidents, flight disruptions, risks of travel, and medical emergencies since hospitalization is expensive in some countries. Several countries are requiring it because of the pandemic hence why should make sure that your insurance has  COVID-19 coverage.

Prepare your requirements

Many destinations require passengers to show additional documents besides a passport and a flight ticket. Now, you will need to have a negative COVID-19 test result done 48-72 hours before traveling, your vaccination card, and health insurance. There might be others as well depending on what country you wish to go to. Research more about it or just ask your travel advisor.

Decide on how long you’ll stay

You have to decide how long you’ll be staying overseas since some countries require visas. If you plan to stay for a few weeks in an international destination, pack the essentials especially the documents you’ll need. You also don’t leave your house unattended for that long, be sure there’s someone who can check in from time to time. Turn on alarms, call for professional plumbing services to check for possible leakages, and be sure all the appliances are off. We haven’t left the house in ages so don’t forget the things to do when going on an almost month-long trip.

Everyone’s comfort level with traveling is different now but if you think you are comfortable enough to fly to another country then better start planning. As pandemic restrictions are slowly lifted around the world, planning well and doing your research can go a long way with making your honeymoon successful while keeping you and your partner safe from the virus. Just be organized and prepare early on for your trip despite the challenges.

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