Planning the Perfect Wedding of Your Dreams

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So, you’ve put a ring on it and wedding bells are ringing now. It’s the most beautiful feeling, isn’t it? Your whole life’s going to change as you turn from Miss to Mrs. It’s time to seal the deal on the person whom you love unconditionally.

Now, it’s time to plan the wedding. This might seem like a one-day affair for spectators but it’s far from this idea. For a bride, the wedding day is the final destination after a fun planning journey. You go dress shopping, venue selection, plan a bachelorette which is an experience in itself. Anyone who believes that a wedding is a one-day event is living under a rock.

Therefore, you must consider these points before you start planning the wedding of your dreams:

  • Planning a bachelorette

Now that you’re transitioning to a new life, it’s important to properly bid adieu to your single self. The Bachelorette is a must-have on your wedding journey. Brides often take some time out before their wedding to enjoy and cherish the beautiful moments of their single life.

They go to trips or resorts to relax, and party as it’s literally the last time they do that as singles. You can choose anything from a weekend in Las Vegas to a hiking tour for 5 days in Australia. You can go classy in Montreal, Canada, or go wild in Cabo. A good time depends on your taste.

The purpose of a bachelorette trip is to relive the memories of your single days and make new ones. You and your friends spend quality time together away from your fiance. Your bachelorette trip must be personal and close to your heart. This is what you’ll be talking about for years to come.

  • Choosing a dress that’s beautiful and comfortable

Choosing a dress is hard. You’ve found ‘the one’ for your life but finding the one dress is harder. You move from one shop to another, trying on several gorgeous white dresses which can be exhausting. But you must remember, that beauty is not everything.

A dress that looks pretty but is not comfortable, is a big no-no. A wedding constitutes a whole day of various activities. You’ll have some games, the official wedding ceremony, cake cutting, dinner, and dance. You don’t want to spend this day fidgeting in your dress.

Make sure you find a balance between beauty and comfort. For years to come, you’ll remember how wonderful you felt and how you showed your killer dance moves. If you select a dress that’s uncomfortable, you’ll remember only the discomfort.

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  • Plan your budget

Most couples think they can splurge all they want at a wedding and it would be all good. It’s understandable as you get married only once. It’s a big day and you want to make it perfect. But, spending all your hard-earned savings on one day of celebration is a little too much.

Decide how much you both can put in and stick to that amount. Make a budget on paper about how much you want to spend on a dress, cake, decorations, and food. This way, you can avoid going overboard with everything.

You can keep the money you saved for your honeymoon or maybe save it to buy a house. You must be thinking about that. There are just too many things that you can do with your money. You don’t need to over-splurge and set your mind on the fanciest things. Weddings are beautiful no matter what.

  • A good photographer is always worth it

If you’re tight on budget and thinking of skipping a professional photographer. Don’t. This is where planning a budget comes in handy. You can easily decide what’s worth spending on and what’s not. Photographers take beautiful photos both posed and candid.

These photos serve as memories that can’t be traded for anything. You might have the reaction of dad or your sister’s dance that you missed. That’s exactly what a good photographer will do. They will gracefully capture the best moments which you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Make sure you see their previous work to get an idea of their photography style. Talk to previous clients to know what it’s like working with them. That’s how you select a photographer that’s always worth your money.

These were the key points to remember while planning your wedding. You must enjoy the journey. Most brides panic about the big day which takes out all the fun from preparation. If you don’t indulge in these activities, your wedding will start to seem like a task. Think about your friends. They need some enjoyment too, right?

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